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Salsa | Gel Cork Bar Tape Black


Salsa Gel Cork Bar Tape The Salsa Gel Cork Bar Tape is made out of, as the name implies, cork. Long used for its comfort the cork bartape has become a staple and a leading choice for wrapping bars for decades. The cork material absobs sweat, is comfy for the palms of your hands, and is grippy, so no need to worry about your hands slipping mid sprint for that segment you've set yours eyes ...


Zipp | Service Course Cx Bar Tape Black


Zipp Service Course CX Bar Tape Zipp is hardly a company that needs an introduction. Known for being tested amongst the toughest and fastest in the peloton, Zipp's legacy stands tall. Zipp is committed to helping riders achieve their potential by offer high-quality components with innovative design and manufacturing. Embossed with Service Course CX, Zipp created high-quality handlebar tape that pairs nicely with your bike. Offering excellent cushioning and superior grip with a cross-hatch ...


Cinelli | Gel Cork Handlebar Tape Black

$17.99 7% off $19.55 msrp

Cinelli Gel Cork Handlebar Tape Cinelli is one of the oldest names in cycling, and their handlebar tape's history stretches back to the days of yore! Cinelli's famous tape is still the preferred choice for many pro cyclists. Embellish your classic bike build or give your modern bike that old-school cool with Cinelli Gel Cork bar tape. Cork bar tape has a classic great feel and just the right amount of cushioning and grip. For ...


Silca | Nastro Piloti Bar Tape Red

$35.94 14% off $42.00 msrp

SILCA NASTRO PILOTI BAR TAPETHE PILOT'S TAPEWhen it comes to your riding comfort, many riders overlook the numerous benefits of handlebar tape. The Silca Nastro Piloti Bar Tape is a 1. 85mm thick tape for aggressive riding and racing. It provides cushioning equivalent to 2. 5mm thick tapes. It has an asymmetric texture that allows the tape to be wrapped in either a moderate texture or high texture format depending on your preference. So if ...


Wolf Tooth Components | Supple Bar Tape Blue


WOLF TOOTH SUPPLE BAR TAPEEXTRA CUSHION FOR THE PUSHIN'Comfort is a top priority for many riders. If you're not comfortable while you're spending hours in the saddle, then you won't have fun. The Wolf Tooth Supple Bar Tape is a comfortable tape that works well for road, all-road, gravel, and cyclocross. The tape has a thickness of 5mm. Features5mm thick tape that works well on road, all-road, gravel, and cyclocross bikes Supple tape that provides ...


Easton | Microfiber Bar Tape Black

$19.99 33% off $30.00 msrp

Easton Microfiber Bar Tape Easton Microfiber Tape minimizes road buzz with adhesive gel backing, anti-shock foam and a microfiber cloth surface. It transmits road feel without harshness and doesn't get squishy or slippery like traditional gel tape. Easton Microfiber Bar Tape Features Microfiber cloth surface Anti-shock foam Includes bar plugs Adhesive backing | Easton | Microfiber Bar Tape Black


Easton | Pinline Logo Bar Tape Black


Easton Pinline Logo Bar Tape The Easton Pinline Logo Bar Tape is a comfortable bar tape with classic styling. Minimal Easton logo graphics are embossed into the tape, giving the tape a little extra feel texture and nuanced aesthetics. The tape is made of EVA foam, an environmentally friendly material that does not contain any chlorine, stabilizing agents of heavy metals, or plasticizer. This lightweight and durable foam features anti-slip grip technology that ensures a ...