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Race Face | Chester Composite Flat Pedals Red

$39.00 35% off $60.00 msrp

Race Face Chester Composite Pedals Alloy pedals are great for their resilience and visual appeal, but its no secret that most of the time there's nothing lightweight about them. On the contrary, composite pedals may be light, but they also wear out easier and aren't as keen on footing. Race Face's Chester Composite Pedals offer the best of both realms, using its tough and burly nylon composite body to provide a large platform with the ...


Shimano | Pd-Gr400 Deore Flat Pedals Pd-Gr400 Flat Pedal | Red | Ind.pack | Composite


Shimano PD-GR400 Deore Flat Pedals Affordable and reliable Shimano’s PD-GR400 Deore Flat Pedals are a terrific choice for trail and all-mountain riders in search of a reliable and affordable flat pedal. The Deore Flat Pedals feature a durable resin composite pedal body that’s designed to take hits and roll with the punches. An optimized trail riding platform shape ensures stability. Nine removable pins per side not only keep your feet glued to the pedals, but ...


Spank | Spoon 90 Pedals Red | Aluminum

$75.94 15% off $89.99 msrp

Spank Spoon 90 Pedals The Spank Spoon 90 pedals are a versatile platform pedal that is designed for aggressive trail riding. The Spoon 90 pedals are Spanks small-sized Spoon pedal and feature a 90mm x 105mm pedal platform to fit riders with a men’s size 6 and under shoe. The aluminum alloy body has ten pins per side and features a concave profile, with the pins and pedal profile being shorter in the middle of ...


Chromag | Radar Flat Pedals | Red | 9/16" | Aluminum


Chromag Radar Pedals The Grom's Gold Standard The young guns are making their mark on mountain biking, and their level of progression is shocking to say the least. Chromag, the notorious Whistler based brand has decided to show the groms some love. Their Radar pedal features a one of a kind platform, built specifically for smaller feet. By adopting the same precision axle and bearing systems from their full size Contact and Scarab models, Chromag ...


Race Face | Ride Composite Flat Pedals Black


RACE FACE RIDE COMPOSITE PEDALSA SLIM NYLON COMPOSITE PLATFORMClipping into your pedals isn't for everyone or every situation. If you're riding aggressively on the trails, sometimes a platform pedal makes more sense. The Race Face Ride Composite Pedals feature a slim nylon composite platform and offers a concave and lightweight design for legitimate performance. The molded traction pins provide excellent grip without the risk of damaging your shoes or shins. Features Durable Cro Moly steel ...


Spank | Oozy Reboot Pedals Gun Metal | Aluminum


Spank Oozy Reboot Pedals Introducing the Spank Oozy Reboot Pedals, the same award-winning Oozy Pedal you know and love, now with a crank boot-compatible axle and new colors to choose from. The Spank Oozy Reboot Pedal is made from six-series aluminum alloy for a lightweight and durable construction and features a hollow taper, cold-forged chromoly steel axle for durability. Each pedal has 18 steel pins that can be adjusted and replaced, and the pedal profile ...


Deity | Bladerunner Pedal V1 Blue | Aluminum

$99.99 32% off $149.00 msrp

Deity Bladerunner V1 Pedals Refined performance Thin, lightweight, and ultra-grippy, the highly-refined Deity Bladerunner V1 Pedals are some of the thinnest flat pedals on the market, and are up to the challenge of tackling the most technical singletrack trails. The Bladerunner V1’s are only 11mm thin, with a 103x100mm wide pedal body for ultimate stability and ground clearance. This durable pedal is made from 6061 T6 aluminum and features an open design for mud shedding ...


Deity | Bladerunner Platform Pedals Bronze | Aluminum


Deity Bladerunner Pedals Blade Runner 2: The Edge Of Pedal Whether you're approaching a massive jump or rodeoing a jagged rock garden, gutsy riders are always striving to be epic, and like a good friend, your equipment should support that. Deity's components are intensively designed to beg you to be epic. As its name promotes, the Deity Bladerunner is extruded and machined from 6061 T6 aluminum to a slim 11mm profile. By ridding materials in ...


Chromag | Synth Flat Pedals | Red | Synthetic | Nylon

$62.10 10% off $69.00 msrp

Chromag Synth Pedals New for 2018 is the Synth Pedal. An injection molded, nylon reinforced platform that is light, impact resistant and won’t break the bank. Modelled after Chromag’s Scarab pedal, the Synth features a large platform with true concave and their proprietary pin system. It uses the same high-end axle and bearing assembly as on their Scarab and Contact models so you can count on long-life and smooth performance with common serviceability components available ...


Tag Metals | T3 Nylon Pedals Blue


TAG Metals T3 Nylon Pedals Premium internals in a lightweight nylon body, the TAG Metals T3 Nylon Pedals are a budget-friendly and lightweight all-mountain pedal. Featuring a Cro-moly axle and DU bushing and bearings the T3 Nylon Pedals were built to last. These pedals have a 110mm by 100mm platform and have ten replaceable pins per side. Weighing in at just 361 grams for the pair your are going to wonder why you haven’t been ...


Pnw Components | Range Composite Pedal Really Red

$39.00 20% off $49.00 msrp

PNW Range Composite Pedals Expand your range, preserve your bank account Style, performance, and price combine to create the Range Composite Pedals from PNW. These pedals grip like the dickens, without making you dig too deep into your budget for those critical post-ride burritos. Built from glass fiber-reinforced nylon, the Range Composite Pedals are lightweight and rugged and aren’t afraid of the occasional pedal strike. The pedals have 11 steel grip pins on either side, ...


Specialized | Supacaz Smash Thermopoly Pedals Blue | Composite


Supacaz Smash Thermopoly Pedals A Smash Hit Supacaz’s Smash pedals are a true testament to the fact that you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to get high quality flat pedals. Their reinforced premium thermopoly body is both lightweight and incredibly robust, and paired with the bombproof CNC-machined Cro-Mo axle ensures they’re ready to take on years of riding abuse. Strategically placed pins on each side of the pedal keep your feet ...


Look | Geocity Grip Pedal Camo | Composite

$71.00 5% off $75.00 msrp

Look Geo City Grip Pedal Boost Your Riding Enjoyment Pedals are a great way to improve your comfort and performance on your bike. The Look Geo City Grip Pedals feature Activ Grip by Vibram that boosts your safety and adds a bit of style to your ride. It comes in several colors to match your bike. They are designed for riding in the city or on the trails. The pedals feature tread that is designed ...


Look | Trail Grip Pedal Camo | Composite

$71.00 5% off $75.00 msrp

Look Trail Grip Pedal Say hello to your new favorite trail pedals. The Look Trail Grip Pedals are a unique platform pedal that combines a rubber grip and molded studs for an excellent grip at the pedals, even in wet weather. Look partnered with Vibram, one of the leading manufactures in premium rubber soles on boots, and created Vibram Activ Grip inserts. These inserts are made with a special rubber compound that maintains grip in ...


E.thirteen | Plus Flat Pedals Blue | Aluminum

$69.94 53% off $149.00 msrp

E*Thirteen Plus Flat Pedal A high performing composite pedal The new E-thirteen Plus Flat Pedal features the same pin layout as their past LG1 Plus and LG1 Race pedals, both known for their durability and unreal grip. The new Plus pedal uses the same 22-pin pattern to achieve the same biting traction. Delivered in a light and durable package with a large CNC'd aluminum body, the Plus pedal is going to be a clear leader ...


Chromag | Contact Platform Pedals | Purple | 9/16" | Aluminum

$119.70 10% off $133.00 msrp

Chromag Contact Pedal Semenuk Design The Contact's design features a lightweight compact platform body that extends inboard bringing the riders feet closer to the cranks providing maximum control when busting moves. The Contact pedal has a very low profile concave CNC'd surface that is only 13mm at pedal center and weighs in at only 190g per pedal. The pedal features removable pins with washers underneath so if you'd like more grip, remove those washers and ...


Race Face | Atlas Platform Pedals Orange | Aluminum


Race Face Atlas Pedal Race Face Atlas pedal is an all new lightweight aluminum body pedal with an ultra thin double-concave wide platform. The new Altas pedals feature replacable bottom loading hex-headed traction pins and a chromoly spindle making them perfect for All Mountain trail riding but also strong enough to handle the abuse of Down Hill riding as well. Yet another solid product from Race Face with all the styling and performance expected from ...