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Sdg | Bel Air V3 Max Saddle Black Microfiber, Red Gloss Embossed Graphics, Red Base | Nylon


SDG Bel-Air V3 Max Saddle Maximize Comfort If you're feeling uncomfortable while you're riding your bike, then you might want to look at getting a new saddle. The type of saddle you use plays a significant role in your riding comfort. The SDG Bel-Air V3 Max Saddle is designed for maximum comfort with its rear rise and ample padding. It features ATMOS Sealed Construction that eliminates the need for staples and bumpers, a deep peri-canal ...


Chromag | Lynx Dt Chromo Saddle Black/red

$81.00 10% off $90.00 msrp

Chromag Lynx DT Chromo Saddle The Lynx DT is Chromag's All Mountain saddle. It boasts excellent versatility and a sleek, comfortable shape that sits low. Fit for a range of bikes from Trail to Downhill, it's highly versatile. It has a narrow platform and firm density, making it useful for those looking for traction in tough spots. The Lynx DT features a synthetic top and Chromo rails for added durability yet it weighs in at ...


Deity | Speedtrap Am Saddle Black


Deity Speedtrap Am Saddle NOTHING BUT SPEEDDeity's new Speedtrap AM Saddle is brought to you through a collaboration between Deity and renowned saddle makers, SDG. the design pairs up Deity's own foam molds and designs with SDG's seat base technology for a comfortable and supportive saddle design. It features the highest quality EVA foam with an incredibly durable synthetic cover, as well as also including Kevlar sides for the best performance and durability. The D2 ...


Chromag | Overture Saddle Black


Chromag Overture Saddle 2022Send it! Chromag’s Overture saddle is simply THE dirt jump saddle. It was designed in collaboration with the legendary Brandon Semenuk and is ridden by some of the best slopestyle pros in the world. With its slopestyle tailored design, the saddle features a durable synthetic exterior paired with kevlar panels ensuring the saddle will be able to take any and all riding abuse. A silicone print paired with flares provides additional support ...


Sdg | Fly Jr Steel Saddle Black/black

$35.99 10% off $40.00 msrp

SDG Fly JR Steel Saddle The SDG Fly JR is the industry's first branded children's specific MTB saddle. It is specifically designed to fit the smaller sit bones of Groms and Junior shredders. An oversized nose platform lets junior maneuver into an ideal climbing position. The plush foam padding, synthetic leather cover with Cordura sides, and steel rails ensure that this saddle will remain comfortable and take anything that young riders can throw its way. ...


Sdg | Bel-Air Steel Saddle Black/white

$35.99 10% off $40.00 msrp

SDG Bel-Air Steel Saddle SDG's Bel-Air line of saddles is known for its all-around comfort and functionality. For nearly a decade, the Bel-Air has been SDGs most popular saddle. New comfort enhancements and an updated profile makes the latest generation Bel-Air RL more comfortable than ever. Features: Black Synthetic Top w/ Black Synthetic sides and Red, Green, Yellow and Black Accents. Weight(s): Steel 330g Dimensions: 270mm x 140mm Optimal Ridable Area (ORA): (90-130) Small - ...


Deity | Sidetrack I-Beam Saddle Blue


Deity Sidetrack I-BEAM Saddle GETTING SIDETRACKEDThe Deity Sidetrack Saddle is a purpose-built DH saddle for ultimate performance. It features a sleek design with an I-Beam, keeping weight down while simultaneously maintaining its strength and durability. It is made from the highest quality Eva foam with an incredibly durable synthetic cover, along with Kevlar sides for the best performance and durability. The Deity Sidetrack Saddle was built to outlast and outperform its competition. ...


Ergon | Sr Sport Gel Women's Saddle | Black | Medium/large


ERGON SR SPORT GEL WOMEN'S SADDLERiding with the wrong saddle can create unnecessary pressure, numbness, and discomfort. If you have the right saddle on your bike, then you'll be able to ride as long as you want with no discomfort. The Ergon SR Sport Gel Women's Saddle is a flat saddle that is comfortably padded. It is designed for road riding where a rider would be leaned forward more. It features pressure relief inlays that ...