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Muc-Off | Tubeless Valves V2 | Red | 44Mm | Rubber


Muc-Off Tubeless Valves Adding Some Style When you're setting up a tubeless system, you'll need several things. You'll want tubeless tape, sealant, and tubeless valves. The Muc-Off Tubeless Valves are designed to work with your tubeless rims and tires. They are premium tubeless valves that solve the hassle of finding your tire flat every time you go to ride. Features Material: upgraded 7075-T6 aluminum alloy Available in multiple colors and lengths Comes with three different ...


Stan's No Tubes | Alloy Tubeless Valves | Red | 35Mm, Pair, Alloy


STAN'S NOTUBES ALLOY TUBELESS VALVESTHERE ARE NO TUBES IN MEGoing tubeless on your mountain bike or gravel bike is one of the least expensive and best upgrades you can do for your bike. There are numerous benefits such as smoother riding, fewer flats, and enhanced traction. If you have tubeless-ready rims and tires, all you need is tubeless tape, sealant, and valves. The Stan's No Tubes Alloy Tubeless Valves are ultra-lightweight and are half the ...


Wtb | Aluminum Tcs Valve | Black | 34Mm, Pair


WTB Aluminum TCS Valves Sometimes it's all about the BLING factor. These WTB aluminum valve stems not only look great, they also shed a few grams off their brass counterparts. They come in two different lengths to accommodate deeper rim depths, include a stepped lock nut for further compatibility with various rim drillings, and have a removable valve core. Sold in pairs of two. Features: Lightweight Aluminum Construction Various Anodized Colors Available Stepped Lock Nut ...


Cushcore | Valve Set | Red | 55Mm Pair | Rubber


CUSHCORE VALVE SETKEEPING YOU INFLATEDCush Core tubeless air valves are specially designed to work with a Cush Core insert. The air passageway is T-shaped, rather than a simple through-hole, which prevents the insert from obstructing airflow through the valve. The valve body is CNC machined from 6061 T-6 aluminum, anodized black, with a tapered rubber collar permanently bonded at the sealing interface. The valve core can be removed to add tire sealant. A locknut with ...


Lezyne | Tlr Valves 44Mm Red


Lezyne TLR Valves Ditch The Tubes, Go Tubeless Durable tubeless valves with innovative construction and available in five stylish colors to match your bike. The Leyzne TLR Valves are made out of CNC-machined aluminum alloy and are available in three different sizes. An integrated valve core tool and T25 tool bit on the valve cap helps tighten the valve to the tubeless rim. Features Made from CNC machined aluminum alloy making this lightweight and durable ...


Serfas | Tubeless Presta Valves 44Mm Red


Serfas Sealant and Tubeless Presta Valves Set up your bike for a tubeless conversion and add a little bling to your bike at the same time. The Serfas Sealant and Tubeless Presta Valves are high-quality tubeless valves that are anodized for a striking colorway that is sure to match any bike. These valves are available in two sizes, 44mm or 60mm, and are available in eight different colors. This kit comes with two tubeless valves, ...