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Renthal | Fatbar Lite V2 31.8Mm Handlebar | Black | 30Mm Rise, 760Mm Length | Aluminum


RENTHAL FATBAR LITE V2 31. 8MM HANDLEBARHandlebars are what connect riders to their bikes. They provide the control needed for the ride ahead. The Renthal Fat Bar Lite V2 31. 8mm Handlebar is an aluminum handlebar that is lightweight and incredibly durable. It comes in a 760mm width and is made of a high grade 7050 aluminum. At only 270 grams, this is one of the lightest handlebars out there. It is shot peened and ...


Renthal | Fatbar V2 31.8Mm Handlebar | Black | 31.8, 800Mm Wide, 20Mm Rise, 5/7Deg Up/back | Aluminum


RENTHAL FATBAR V2 31. 8MM HANDLEBARENHANCED ALUMINUMHop on your saddle, grab your handlebars, and go. The handlebars on your bike are more than just the thing you hold onto while you're riding. They help to increase your handling capabilities and comfort. The Renthal Fatbar V2 31. 8mm Handlebar is the ultimate combination of ligthness, strength, and durability. It is lightweight at only 315g and has a more efficient use of material, removing any excess to ...


Renthal | Fatbar Lite Carbon Handlebar 20Mm Rise, 31.8Mm, 740Mm


Renthal Fatbar Lite Carbon Handlebar The Fatbar Lite Carbon is the ultimate lightweight, trail-proof handlebar. The Fatbar Lite Carbon is designed for Trail, Enduro and XC riders and racers. It is an industry leader in terms of weight, strength, stiffness and most importantly, ride-feel. Renthal went through an extensive R&D process to ensure that the Fatbar Lite Carbon feels like a Renthal handlebar, while still retaining the strength and durability of a Renthal handlebar. Renthal ...