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Ritchey | Comp 4-Axis Stem | Black | 60Mm, +/- 30 Degree


Ritchey Comp 4-Axis Stem Super aero or super comfy Dial in your fit and upgrade your cockpit with Ritchey’s Comp 4-Axis Stem. It takes inspiration from Ritchey’s top of the line components but delivers it at a more affordable price point. The 6061 aluminum construction saves weight, is stiff, and built to last. The unique angled steer tube clamp reduces stress on carbon steerer tubes, making the Ritchey Comp 4-Axis a great choice for any ...


Ritchey | Wcs Carbon Matrix C220 Stem | Carbon/black | 70Mm, 31.8Mm, +/-6 Degree, 1 1/8"


Ritchey WCS Carbon Matrix C220 Stem The Ritchey WCS Carbon Matrix C220 Stem rivals the performance of the revolutionary C260 stem, excpet it’s quicker and easier to install and remove thanks to a press-fit handlebar clamp interface and forward-facing hardware. The C220 handlebar clamp design creates a more secure interface by wrapping a full 220-degrees over the handlebar. Bolt forces are aligned with the clamp so that the stem body 'embraces' the handlebar, which is ...


Ritchey | Wcs Trail Stem | Black | 35Mm, +/- 0 Degree, 31.8, 1 1/8 Steer | Aluminum


Ritchey WCS Trail Stem When you need reliable and quality components that are designed as tough as the trails you ride, then you are going to want to turn to Ritchey. The WCS Trail Stem was designed for cross-country to aggressive trail riding and features Ritchey’s new C220 clamp with a wider clamp area for additional stiffness and strength. Available in a variety of lengths, the Ritchey WCS Trail stem has a 31. 8mm bar ...


Ritchey | 4-Axis Adjustable Stem 120Mm | Aluminum


RITCHEY 4-AXIS ADJUSTABLE STEMDial in your perfect fit with the Ritchey 4-Axis Adjustable Stem. This adjustable stem lets you make adjustments within a range of +/- 55 degrees. It is a great option for those of us who just can’t seem to find a comfortable riding position when using a conventional stem. The Ritchey Adjustable 4-Axis Stem features a precision 3D-Net shaped forged shaft interconnected with a precision broached clamp to create the strongest, lightest, ...