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Rotor | Kapic Crank Arms 170Mm | Aluminum

$267.94 14% off $315.00 msrp

Rotor Kapic Crank Arms The new ROTOR Kapic is named in honor of the CAPe e PIC, the world's most prestigious marathon stage race where elite riders undertake a combination of gruelling rocky climbs, fast flowy singletracks and thrilling technical downhills. Constructed using an expert CNC process, KAPIC crank arms use ROTOR's Trinity Drilling System which features three internal holes from axle to pedal creating an exceptionally light crank with superior stiffness. Features KAPIC's ...


Rotor | Aldhu Crank Arms 170Mm | Aluminum


Rotor Aldhu Crank Arms Light and Stiff The ALDHU cranks are ROTORΓÇÖs lightest cranks ever. Featuring an innovative modular structure constructed of CNCΓÇÖd aluminum, the ALDHU crank arms are ready to take you to the top of the podium. The crank arms incorporate OCP Mount technology which enables the rider to fine-tune the orientation of ROTORΓÇÖs oval Q-rings. The ALDHU proprietary, patent-pending design is based on the modularity of each crankset component. This is done ...


Rotor | Kapic | Carbon | Crank Arms 165Mm

$373.94 15% off $440.00 msrp

Rotor Kapic Carbon Crank Arms ROTOR created an exceptionally light crankset to meet the highest demands of their pros riders. From the explosive pedal power required at World Cup circuits to the endurance and recovery riding of epic marathon stage races, the new Kapic Carbon is ready for anything. The Kapic Carbon is ROTOR’s lightest and stiffest crankset ever and it has been developed to withstand the most demanding riding conditions. It features an incredible ...


Rotor | Hawk Crank Arms | Black | 170 | Aluminum

$224.94 15% off $265.00 msrp

Rotor R-Hawk Cranksunstoppable Surpassing all the needs of a standard Enduro crank, Rotor's R-Hawk is light, stiff, and entirely reliable. The R-Hawk's modular concept offers compatibility that meets and even exceeds current trends in mountain bike technology. Crank arms are sold independently of an axle and chainrings; there's no longer a factory-assembled arm+axle, both crank arms can be removed from the axle. This way the R-Hawk can be mounted to standard, boost, and downhill axles ...