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Rubber 27.50 Inch Traction Tire


Maxxis | Minion Dhr Ii 27.5X2.6" Tires 2.6, Dc/exo/tr | Rubber

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Maxxis Minion DHR II 27. 5 X 2. 6" Tire One of the highest regarded tires in MTBThe Maxxis Minion DHR II welcomes the intense conditions and daunting terrain of trail riding. Borrowing the same side knob design from the Minion DHF, the Minion DHR II has widened them for more support and unrivaled cornering capacity. Where the DHF features channeled knobs for better traction, the DHR II's ramped knobs were designed to improve acceleration ...


Maxxis | Dissector 27.5" Trail Tire 27.5X2.4" 3C Maxx Grip, Doubledown, Wide Trail | Rubber

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Maxxis Dissector 27. 5" Trail Tire Dissecting the trails The Maxxis Dissector 27. 5" Trail Tire is ideal for dry, fast trails. With a tight-grouped center tread and ramped leading edges, the Dissector offers both grip and low rolling resistance. Large side lugs allow you to corner at Mach speed and siping on the tread adds traction and grip. All versions of the Dissector are tubeless-ready so you can ditch the tubes and drop the ...


45Nrth | Dillinger 5 27.5" Fatbike Tire 27.5X4.0, Tl, Folding, 60Tpi, 168 Studs | Rubber


45NRTH DILLINGER 5 27. 5" FATBIKE TIREFAST TRACTIONRiding in the snow can be difficult. If you have the right gear, it can become much less of a challenge. The 45NRTH Dillinger 27. 5" Fatbike Tire has 258 carefully-positioned studs (optional) that allow you to ride safely on icy singletrack, while the taller side lugs offer enhanced cornering in snowy conditions. The center tread is tightly spaced for better speed. The extra width of the Dillinger ...


Maxxis | Minion Dhf 27.5" Wide Trail Tire 27.5"x2.5", 3C Maxxterra/exo/tr | Rubber

$101.00 9% off $112.00 msrp

Maxxis Minion DHF 27. 5" Wide Trail Tire The most popular mountain tire Maxxis offers, the DHF The Maxxis Minion DHF 27. 5" Wide Trail Tire delivers both speed and precision all thanks to its directional knob design that maintains a firm grip on the descents allowing for a faster plunge into the technical terrain. The Maxxis DHF is a tire meant for Enduro and all-mountain riding and features numerous casing and rubber comound options ...


Continental | Ruban 27.5" Tire 27.5"x2.3", Shieldwall, Foldable Skin Sl | Rubber


Continental Ruben 27. 5" Tire Whether you are tearing up the trails or commuting to work, the Ruben is home wherever you take it. With a fast-rolling, small-block center tread, siping on all tread and large, angled side knobs, the Ruben rolls fast, corners nicely and provides loads of traction. Continental stuck the Ruben with their Pure Grip compound, which falls just behind their Black Chili Compound in grip and provides a durable, grippy and ...


Specialized | Fast Trak Sport 27.5" Tire 27.5"x2.35" | Rubber

$26.00 13% off $30.00 msrp

Specialized Fast Trak Sport 27. 5" Tire Able To Handle The Most Technical Courses The type of tires you use plays a significant role in your performance and ride quality. With the right tires, you'll have maximum performance. The new Specialized Fast Trak Sport is ready for the most demanding and technical cross-country courses and trails. Its Block-In-Block tread pattern features taller inner blocks for increased traction while climbing uneven surfaces and for sprinting out ...


Specialized | Ground Control Sport 27.5" Tire 27.5"x2.35" | Rubber


Specialized Ground Control Sport 27. 5" Tire Extremely Versatile When you're out riding the trails, the type of tires you use plays a significant role in your performance. Many riders want versatile tires that can work well in various conditions. The Specialized Ground Control Sport 27. 5" Tire uses an extremely versatile tread pattern that can be used for cross-country race to trail. It has a Block-In-Block design that uses a taller adaptable inner block ...


Specialized | Eliminator Grid Gravity 2Br T7/t9 27.5" Tire | Black | 2.3" | Rubber


Specialized Eliminator Grid Gravity 2BR T7/T9 27. 5" Tire Designed for aggressive trail to enduro riding, the Eliminator GRID Gravity features a well-balanced tread pattern, with large center blocks, smaller transition knobs and large cornering blocks. GRID Gravity technology provides enhanced sidewall protection from pinch flats as well as puncture protection, in an ultra-durable gravity casing, so you can have confidence in rough terrain. The Gripton T7 or T9 compounds provide excellent ...


Maxxis | Highroller Ii 27.5X2.8" Tire 2.8", 120Tpi / 3C-Maxxterra/exo/tr | Rubber

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Maxxis Highroller II 27. 5+ x 2. 8 Tire Revamp your 27. 5+ Trail machine with the open and aggressive tread design of the High Roller II. With excellent soil penetration and mud clearing capacity, the square profile provides a solid, consistent feel across the knobs. Modified knobs on the shoulder and center, progress braking performance and traction on hard surfaces. Employing Maxxis's EXO Protection, the High Roller II is cut-resistant and abrasion-resistant on the ...


Vittoria | Mazza 27.5" Tire 2.4, Enduro, Full Black | Rubber

$80.99 10% off $89.99 msrp

Vittoria Mazza 27. 5" Tire The Vittoria Mazza is a feature-packed trail-enduro tire built around durability, grip and traction. The Mazza is offered in two separate compounds that were designed around the type of riding you are doing. A heavy duty, 2-ply enduro casing uses two 120 TPI layers for increased durability. The Trail TNT casing offers a single 120 TPI casing with an additional 120 TPI sidewall strip for enduro style protection in a ...


Maxxis | Ikon 27.5" 3C/exo/tr Tire 2.35", 3C-Maxxspeed/exo/tr | Rubber

$84.00 9% off $93.00 msrp

Maxxis Ikon 27. 5" 3C/Exo/TR Tire Made for speed The Maxxis Ikon is a legendary, versatile tire, designed for fast-rolling cross country courses, or getting some speed going on your local trails, all without losing cornering traction and confidence. This predictable tread pattern features a sloped center tread for reduced pedaling drag, while tall side lugs aid in holding on to the trail when leaning the bike over during hard cornering. This Maxx Speed version ...


Wtb | Vigilante 27.5" Tire | Black | 27.5X2.5", Tcs Light Hg, 60Tpi, Tritec, Sg2 | Nylon

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WTB Vigilante 27. 5" Tire A versatile tire that is confident in a variety of terrains. The WTB Vigilante 27. 5" Tire has an aggressive tread pattern, with medium-height knobs, siping on all tread, and a mud shedding design, the Vigilante is an all-mountain and enduro machine. The WTB Vigilante 29" Tire was designed with tightly spaced cornering knobs that bite into corners and a spaced out and balanced center tread maintains the traction. It ...