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Continental | Hometrainer Tire 700 X 32 Folding Black


Continental Hometrainer TireRack up those indoor milesWhen your foul-weather training forces you indoors, riding on a trainer is an essential part of maintaining off-season fitness. The Continental Hometrainer Tire was specifically designed for the unique demands that rear-wheel trainers and rollers put on a tire. The Hometrainer Tire features a trainer-specific compound that reduces heat buildup that can tear up standard tires while reducing the dreaded spray of rubber shreds that’s common ...


Maxxis | Ardent Race 3C Exo 26" Tire 2.20" 3C/Exo/TR Folding 120Tpi

$74.00 9% off $82.00 msrp

Maxxis Ardent Race 3C EXO 26" TireReady To RaceThe Maxxis Ardent Race Tire uses a medium-height tread, making it a cross-bred race tire that unearths the middle ground between the cross-country-inspired Maxxis Ikon tire and the trail-ready Maxxis Ardent. The result is a tire that’s capable of tackling both demanding XC race courses and long-distance endurance tests. The middle knobs are ramped to reduce rolling resistance, while the side knobs are angled and stepped to ...


Maxxis | Minion Dhf 24" Tire 24x2.4" Folding 60tpi/DC EXO Tubeless

$63.00 8% off $69.00 msrp

Maxxis Minion DHF 24" TireThe most popular mountain tire Maxxis offers. The Maxxis Minion DHF delivers both speed and precision all thanks to its directional knob design that maintains a firm grip on the descents allowing for a faster plunge into the technical terrain. The Maxxis DHF is a tire meant for Enduro and all-mountain riding and features numerous casing and rubber compound options so you can find the tire that best suits your type ...


Maxxis | Re-Fuse Gravel Tire 27.5X2.0, Folding Bead/Tubeless Ready

$63.00 10% off $70.00 msrp

Maxxis Re-Fuse Folding Road TireDue to its durability and versatile diamond-knurled tread design, the Re-Fuse is Maxxis' most popular training tire. Modernized with tubeless technology and higher volumes for even more reliability and comfort, the Re-Fuse keeps things rolling smoothly even as the pavement crumbles into gravel and hardpack dirt. Maxx Shield Protection helps to prevent untimely cuts and punctures. FeaturesMaxx Shield protectionTubeless ready versions availableDual Compound ...


Kenda | Nevegal 2 Pro 29" Tire 2.40, EN-Dtc / Atc, 120Tpi Folding


Kenda Nevegal 2 Pro 29” TireConfident speedGetting a complete facelift from the original Nevegal, the Kenda Nevegal 2 Pro Tire is a fast, rugged, and grippy tire for enduro and trail. Whether you’re racing an enduro course or testing yourself on your local technical trails, the updated Nevegal 2 Pro is up to the challenge. The updated tread pattern is optimized for reduced rolling resistance and increased speed, all without compromising grip. The widely-spaced tread ...


Kenda | Hellkat 27.5 Tire 27.5x2.4, AGC, 60tpi, Folding


Kenda Hellkat 27. 5” DH TireA gravity and enduro weaponKenda created the Hellkat Tire in development with their UR DH World Cup team. It features an optimized tread pattern perfect for gravity and enduro applications. This tire won’t let you down through sharp turns or during aggressive braking. The Hellkat tire comes with one of three casings which are listed below. AGC (AGC) - The Advanced Gravity Casing (AGC) is Kenda‘s latest innovation for gravity ...


Kenda | Nevegal 2 Pro 27.5" Tire 2.60, EN-Dtc / Atc, 120Tpi Folding


KENDA NEVEGAL 2 PRO 27. 5" TIREThe Nevegal has received a complete makeover that has changed every aspect of the tire. The Nevegal 2 Pro 27. 5" Tire tread pattern was updated to reduce the rolling resistance and features a new EN-DTC rubber compound. The casing features Advanced Trail Casing technology that is perfect for enduro racing and trail riding. It has superior flat resistance with K-armor which increases puncture resistance by 174%. It is ...


Maxxis | Assegai 29" DH 2Ply Tire 2.50, 3Cmaxxgrip/TR/Folding Dual Ply

$101.00 9% off $112.00 msrp

Maxxis Assegai 29" DH 2Ply TirePredictable GripWhen it comes to downhill riding, nothing is better than having predictability. If you're going around a tight corner or you're riding through loose terrain, you'll want to know exactly how your tires are going to perform. The Maxxis Assegai 29" DH 2Ply Tire provides a tenacious, predictable grip across the entire profile no matter the lean angle. The Assegai can be used on the front and rear for ...


Maxxis | Minion SS 27.5" Tires 27.5x2.5, Folding/3C Tubeless

$51.84 36% off $81.00 msrp

Maxxis Minion SS 27. 5" TireIntroducing the Maxxis Minion SS Tire, a dirt tire with a semi-slick middle tread and aggressive side lugs. The small knobs in the middle provide low rolling resistance and the large side lugs allow for high-speed cornering. The minion SS uses the 3C MaxxGrip compound which features the softest rubber for the ultimate grip. DoubleDown uses two 120 TPI layers for unparalleled puncture and abrasion protection. Features3C MaxxGrip Uses the ...


Maxxis | Ikon 29X2.20" 3C/Exo/TR Tire 2.20", 3C-Maxxspeed/Exo/TR Fold 120Tpi

$84.00 9% off $93.00 msrp

Maxxis Ikon 29" TireThe Maxxis Ikon 3C tire is a fast-rolling race-worthy tire designed for cross country and trial riding. The Ikon features small, ramped center tread for low rolling resistance, two sets of transition knobs for leaning the bike and long and blocky side knobs, which dig-in when cornnering. Maxxis outfitted the Ikon with their MaxxSpeed compound, which is their fastest-rolling rubber compound and specializes in low rolling resistance. The outer layer uses two ...


Maxxis | Minion DHF 29" Tire 29"x2.5", Dual Compound/Exo/TR/Wt

$74.00 9% off $82.00 msrp

Maxxis Minion DHF 29" TireThe erratic ways of all-mountain, and shall we say, "Enduro, " riding calls for an aggressive tire that delivers both speed and precision. The Maxxis Minion DHF Tire does just that. The directional, ramped knob design reduces rolling resistance, saving energy on the climb for the more important plunge. Once you've grinded out the ascent and earned the descent, the Minion DHF unleashes its channel-cut knobs to enhance grip, providing straighter ...


Maxxis | Assegai 29" Trail Tire 29X2.5", 3C Maxx Grip, EXO+, Wide Trail

$91.00 9% off $101.00 msrp

Maxxis Assegai 29" Trail TireLegendary GripAn assegai is an iron-tipped spear used by the Zulu people in South Africa. It is a fitting name for a tire that is ready to battle the trails. The Maxxis Assegai 27. 5" Tire has tall knobs that work well in dusty and loamy conditions as well as on wet roots and rocks. It features a 3C or DC compound that offers ultimate grip and slow rebound properties for ...


Maxxis | Minion Dhr II 29" Tire 29X2.4", 3C Maxx Terra, EXO+, Wide Trail


Maxxis Minion DHR II 29" TireThe Maxxis Minion DHR II is one of the most popular tires in todays market and has become a go-to rear tire for trail to downhill riders alike. The DHR II achieves this by borrowing the shoulder knobs from the Minion DHF and then beefing it up to handle duty as a rear tire. The center tread features heavily ramped and siped tread which offers limited rolling resistance and awesome ...


Maxxis | Ikon 29" Tire | Dark Tan Wall | 29"x2.2", 3c Maxx Speed, 3CS/EXO/TR/DTW

$85.00 8% off $93.00 msrp

MAXXIS IKON 29" TIRETHE IKON OF XC RIDINGThe Maxxis Ikon 29" Tire is fast-rolling cross-country tire that is as versatile as the trails you ride. This lightweight, high-volume tire has EXO protection standard on all models and is available with Maxxis's Maxxspeed rubber compound for the ultimiate in speed and grip. The Ikon has small and blocky tread with ramped leading edges for low rolling-resistance. Two rows of small transition knobs make leaning the bike ...


Continental | Grand Prix 5000 Road Tire | Transparent | 700X28C


Continental Grand Prix 5000 Road TireA Professional Level All-ArounderPlenty of road tires on the market offer high performance, puncture resistance, or a supple ride, but very few can hit the sweet spot in multiple categories—that is, until the Grand Prix 5000. Continental’s newest edition of the famed Grand Prix line, the 5000 utilizes several different proprietary technologies in one tire, making some seriously capable rubber. Whether you’re racing, riding competitive group rides, or a ...


Panaracer | Gravelking Sk 700C Tire 700C X 35mm, Brown Sidewall


Panaracer Gravelking SK 700C TireGravel RoyaltyThe Panaracer Gravelking Sk 700C Tire is a go-anywhere gravel tire that is ideal for rough roads, fire roads and dirt trails. The SK features a small and blocky center tread that is tightly spaced for the best combination of grip and low rolling resistance, for an effecient grip on a wide range of surfaces. This tire is available in a variety of widths and is tubeless compatible, so you ...


Schwalbe | Nobby Nic Performance Addix 27.5 Tire 27.5x2.25 TwinSkin, TLR

$61.38 7% off $66.00 msrp

Schwalbe Nobby Nic Performance Addix 27. 5” TireThe Schwalbe Nobby Nic Performance Addix 27. 5” Tire is a popular Trail and all-mountain tire that features Schwalbe’s performance line Addix compound. Featuring moderately large center blocks in a unique, alternating tread pattern, the Nobby Nic throws down loads of traction in various terrains and It’s large shoulder lugs provide excellent cornering abilities. Schwalbe’s TwinSkin casing features a balance of protection, durability, and low ...


Panaracer | Fire XC Pro Tire | Black | 26X2.1"


Panaracer Fire Pro TireAll-terrain mountain tires with an aggressive tread. The Panaracer Fire Pro Tire has a unique tread design with a block-on-block pattern and transition knobs that extend into angled side knobs. The center tread remains relatively small for lower rolling resistance and the side knobs are large for digging into loose dirt when cornering. The Panaracer Fire Pro tire uses a dual compound rubber for better grip and durability and has a Kevlar ...


Continental | Grand Prix 5000 S TR 700c Tire | Coffee | 700x28c


Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR 700c TireA Professional Level All-ArounderPlenty of road tires on the market offer high performance, puncture resistance, or a supple ride, but very few can hit the sweet spot in multiple categories—that is, until the Grand Prix 5000 S TR. Continental’s newest edition of the famed Grand Prix line, the 5000-series utilizes several different proprietary technologies in one tire, making some seriously capable rubber. Whether you’re racing, riding competitive ...


Panaracer | GravelKing SK+ 700C Tire 38C, Black/Brown


Panaracer GravelKing SK+ 700C TireFor rough fire roads, smooth singletrack, and everything in betweenMore and more cyclists are testing the capacities of road bikes by veering off the pavement onto the road less traveled in search for adventure. Whether you opt for light singletrack, fire roads, or graveled paths, these passages into new cycling horizons are most likely not suitable for normal road tires. Enter the Panaracer GravelKing SK+. As the Gravelking's more muscular brother, ...


Panaracer | Gravelking Sk 650B Tire 650B X 48mm (27.5X1.9), Brown Sidewall


Panaracer Gravel King SK 650b TireKing of The GravelWith it’s efficient low tread pattern, the Gravel King SK dials up the grip for those long rides on pavement and hard-packed gravel, when the roads ahead might not even be roads. Grip in the form of low, tightly-spaced square knobs keep you rolling efficiently with minimal drag, while the long side lugs give you plenty of confidence when cornering on less than ideal terrain. The supple ...


Maxxis | Rekon 24" Tire | Black | 24 x 2.2

$35.00 10% off $39.00 msrp

MAXXIS REKON 24" TIREAGGRESSIVE TIRES FOR LITTLE SHREDDERSThe type of tires you have on your bike have a significant impact on your riding performance. Tread patterns and tire widths are just some of the things that will affect how well you ride in certain terrains. The Maxxis Rekon 24" Tire is an aggressive trail tire inspired by the Maxxis Ikon. It is designed for aggressive XC trails and has wide knobs down the middle that ...


45NRTH | Dillinger 26" Fatbike Tire 26"x4.0", 120TPI, No Studs


45NRTH DILLINGER 26" FATBIKE TIREYOU'LL ALL FLOAT DOWN HERERiding in the snow can be difficult. If you have the right gear, it can become much less of a challenge. The 45NRTH Dillinger 26" Fatbike Tire provides maximum float and has carefully-positioned studs that allow you to ride safely on icy singletrack, while the taller side lugs offer enhanced cornering in snowy conditions. The center tread is tightly spaced for better speed. FeaturesBraced side lugs for ...


Maxxis | Dth 26" Tire 26X2.15 60A Kevlar Bead

$42.00 8% off $46.00 msrp

Maxxis DTH 26” TireDrop The HammerThe Maxxis DTH 26” Tire is a popular BMX and dirt jump tire that features a grooved, slick tread design. Thanks to the versatile tread design, this tire rolls fast on the pavement and has traction on hardpacked dirt, allowing you to Drop The Hammer wherever you may roam. Feel confident when shredding knowing you have EXO sidewall protection, which helps to resist sidewall cuts and abrasions. This tire is ...


45NRTH | Wrathchild 29" Studded Tire 29 x 2.6 60tpi


45NRTH WRATHCHILD 29" STUDDED TIREAN AGGRESSIVE STUDDED TRAIL TIRERiding in cold temperatures can be difficult if you're unprepared. Add snow and ice to the mix and you have a ride that is downright challenging. If you have the right gear, you can easily ride in the worst of conditions. The 45NRTh Wrathchild 29" Studded tire is designed for loose snow, icy conditions, and everything in between. It features deep center lugs that claw into unconsolidated ...


45NRTH | Gravdal 700CX38C Studded Tire 60tpi


45NRTH Gravdal 700 x 38 Studded TireWINTER RIDING EVOLVEDHere's a no-compromise studded tire to take on your most extreme wintertime conditions. It's the 45NRTH Gravdal 700 x 38 Studded Tire, a tire offering 252 studs between you and the ice below. And with the large 38mm casing, you'll experience a level of confidence and safety never before seen in these conditions. The strategically-placed center knobs are designed with siping, or a process that creates tiny ...


45NRTH | Wrathchild 27.5"+ Tire 4.5, 120tpi, 252 XL Concave Carbide Studs


45NRTH WRATHCHILD 27. 5"+ TIREAGGRESSIVE STUDDED FATBIKE TIREWhether it's snow or ice, you can still keep riding with a studded fat or plus-sized tire. The 45NRTH Wrathchild 27. 5"+ Tire is designed for the worst of winter conditions. It features 252 concave aluminum studs that provide exceptional grip in snow and icy conditions. The deep lugs on the tire provide accelerating, braking, and cornering traction and the open-tread pattern sheds snow so you can keep ...


Specialized | Eliminator Grid Gravity 2BR T7/T9 29" Tire | Black | 2.6"

$55.99 20% off $70.00 msrp

Specialized Eliminator Grid Gravity 2BR T7/T9 29" TireDesigned for aggressive trail to enduro riding, the Eliminator GRID Gravity features a well-balanced trad pattern, with large center tread, smaller transition knobs and large cornering blocks. GRID Gravity technology provides enhanced sidewall protection from pinch flats as well as puncture protection in an ultra-durable gravity casing, so you can have confidence in rough terrain. The Gripton T7 or T9 compounds provide excellent traction ...


45NRTH | Wrathchild 26" Fatbike Tire 26"x4.2", 120TPI, 300 XL Studs


45NRTH WRATHCHILD 26" FATBIKE TIREAN AGGRESSIVE STUDDED FATBIKE TIREFat bikes crave loose snow and sand, but even the nastiest conditions can give a fatbike difficulty. The 45NRTh Wrathchild 26" Fatbike Tire is designed for loose snow to icy freeze-thaw and everything in between. It features deep lugs that provide acceleration, braking, and cornering traction and an open tread pattern that sheds snow off the tire. 224 XL concave studs provide extra grip and performance over ...


WTB | Horizon 650B Road TCS Tire Tan, 47C, Road TCS

$68.95 10% off $76.95 msrp

WTB Horizon 650X47 Road Plus TCS TireRethink your definition of road! High Volume, tubeless tire setups have taken over the dirt side of cycling and are now pretty much the norm. Why did that happen? Simply put, they make for plush and grippy ride qualities. With the WTB Horizon, now those inclined to venture on the pavement and gravel back roads, can get in on the action and begin to reap some of the benefits ...


Onza | Porcupine 29" Tire 29x2.40 | White | Edition, 60TPI, TRC


ONZA PORCUPINE 29" TIREPOKING THE COMPETITIONWhen you're riding in the dirt, the type of tires you use have a significant impact on your riding performance and your traction. Tires that are designed for intense downhill riding won't perform well in cross-country style riding. The Onza Porcupine 29" Tire is designed for less rolling resistance and comes with a dual tread compound. It is ideal for every situation, no matter the conditions. It has an aggressive ...


Maxxis | Rambler 700C Tire 700x40 | Dark Tan Wall | DC EXO/TR/DTW

$63.00 10% off $70.00 msrp

Maxxis Rambler 700C TireRamble onBuilt for speed, control, and comfort, it is the go-to gravel and dirt road racing tire. Purposefully built with a gravel-specific tread pattern of tightly-packed and ramped center knobs for efficiency and low rolling-resistance. Widely-spaced side knobs give predictable cornering characteristics and the 38-45c width provides a comfort factor that will have you exploring all day. FeaturesGravel-specific tread patternDual Compound two rubber compounds for ...