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Schwalbe | Nobby Nic 29" Tire 29"x2.6", Performance

$61.38 7% off $66.00 msrp

Schwalbe Nobby Nic Performance Addix 29” Tire The Schwalbe Nobby Nic Performance Addix 29” Tire is a popular trail and all-mountain tire that features Schwalbe’s performance line Addix compound. Featuring moderately large center blocks in a unique, alternating tread pattern, the Nobby Nic throws down loads of traction in various terrains and It’s large shoulder lugs provide excellent cornering abilities. The Addix performance compound offers loads of grip and traction and is exceptionally ...


Schwalbe | Magic Mary 29" Addix Tire 2.25, Addix Soft, Snakeskin, Tl Easy

$82.87 9% off $92.00 msrp

Schwalbe Magic Mary 29" Addix Tire Even in its prototype stage, the Magic Mary collected World Cup and World Championship wins. The Magic Mary features an extremely stable sidewall and is snake-bite resistant. At the same time, the flexible tread offers excellent handling characteristics, making it a rock-solid choice for the versatile downhill trail rider. You might not be lining up to compete in the World Cup, but the same kind of pro-level performance is ...


Schwalbe | Racing Ralph Rear 29" Tire 29X2.25, Performance, Tlr, Addix

$59.18 10% off $66.00 msrp

Schwalbe Racing Ralph Rear 29" Tire If you’re looking for a tire with aggressive tread but without the bulk, the Schwalbe Racing Ralph 29" Tire is your answer. The Racing Ralph Rear features low, fast-rolling center knobs for lower rolling resistance. The side knobs provide excellent cornering traction, making for a well-balanced, rear-specific cross-country tire. Schwalbe uses two separate compounds available to the Racing Ralph, TLE Evolution or TL performance. The Evolution line, ...


Schwalbe | Rock Razor 29" Addix Tire 2.35", Addix, Snakeskin, Speedgrip

$84.64 8% off $92.00 msrp

Schwalbe Rock Razor 29" Addix tire Roll fast and grip hard! The ramped, flat, low profile center studs, coupled with Addix Speedgrip compound of the new Rock Razor create a tire that rolls very fast on dry trails. The large shoulder lugs provide monster grip when leaning hard into high speed corners. Snakeskin sidewalls along with Apex protection help to ward off cuts and punctures while adding a secure tubeless setup and extreme lateral stability ...