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Sdg | Bel Air V3 Limited Edition Galaxic Saddle Black Microfiber, Gold Gloss Graphics, Gold Pvd Rails, Gold Base


SDG Bel-Air V3 Limited Edition Galaxic Saddle Intergalaxic, Planetary, Planetary, Intergalaxic Whether you're cruising the bike paths, shredding the singletrack, or you're racing to the podium, you'll want to have a comfortable saddle underneath you so you can ride farther and faster. The SDG Bel-Air V3 Limited Edition Galaxic Saddle borrows the comfort-proven profile of the original Bel-Air but is wrapped in an updated package that'll complement any performance-driven build. It features a ...


Sdg | Bel Air V3 Max Saddle Black Microfiber, Black Gloss Embossed Graphics, Black Base


SDG Bel-Air V3 Max Saddle Maximize Comfort If you're feeling uncomfortable while you're riding your bike, then you might want to look at getting a new saddle. The type of saddle you use plays a significant role in your riding comfort. The SDG Bel-Air V3 Max Saddle is designed for maximum comfort with its rear rise and ample padding. It features ATMOS Sealed Construction that eliminates the need for staples and bumpers, a deep peri-canal ...


Sdg | Radar Saddle - No Packaging Black

$34.94 30% off $50.00 msrp

SDG Radar Saddle - No Packaging Comfort is on your radar The SDG Radar Saddle is one of the more versatile saddles in the SDG lineup, combining elements of several different saddle models, the Radar provides pedaling comfort for long rides, with all the features you need for active bike handling. The flat forward design allows you to comfortably shift your weight into an aggressive position, while a purpose-built nose platform offers improved support while ...


Sdg | Duster P Chepi Ti-Alloy Saddle Chepi Fox Design, Ti-Alloy Rails

$98.99 10% off $110.00 msrp

SDG DUSTER P CHEPI TI-ALLOY SADDLEChoosing the right saddle can be tough, but having the right saddle is the key to being comfortable on longer rides. The SDG Duster P Chepi saddle is designed to be rugged and durable and is great for all-day comfort. It features SDG's Flat-Forward Platform which allows for ease of movement on the saddle, Peri-Canal which offers a continuous relief channel from the tip of the saddle to the tail, ...