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Enduro | Max Sealed Cartridge Bearing Enduro | Max 608 Sealed Cartridge Bearing


Enduro Max Cartridge bearings. 90% filled with Mobilux NGLI 2 synthetic grease, dual-lip labyrinth seals, full complement of bearings, up to 45% increased load capacity Manufacturer Number: 808 Bearing I. D. : 8 mm Bearing O. D. : 22 mm Bearing Thickness: 7 mm Manufacturer Number: 898 Bearing I. D. : 8 mm Bearing O. D. : 19 mm Bearing Thickness: 6 mm Manufacturer Number: 7901 Bearing I. D. : 12 mm Bearing O. D. ...


Sram | Hub Bearings Front Hub Bearings, 23327 (Pair)

$19.99 28% off $28.00 msrp

SRAM Hub Bearings Original equipment sealed bearings for SRAM Rise, Roam, and Rail wheels. Features SRAM Hub Bearing Set Rear (includes 1-6903 & 1-63803D28) For X0/Rise 60 (B1)/Roam 30/Roam 40/Rail 40 Wheels SRAM Hub Bearing Set Freehub (includes 2-63803D28) For X0/Rise60 (B1)/Roam 30/Roam 40/Rail 40 SRAM Hub Bearing Set Front (includes 2-23327) For X0/Rise 60 (B1)/Roam 30/Roam 40/Rail 40 | Sram | Hub Bearings Front Hub Bearings, 23327 (Pair)


Wheels Manufacturing | Pf30 To Shimano Bb Blk, Pf30 To 24Mm, Enduro Ac Bearings


Wheels Manufacturing Pressfit 30 to Shimano Bottom Bracket The Wheels Manufacturing Pressfit 30 to Shimano Bottom Bracket allows installation of 24mm spindle (Shimano, FSA, etc. . . ) cranks into PF30 frames without the need for adapters. This handy bottom bracket is made in the USA and features Enduro ABEC 5 angular contact sealed bearings. Enduro Angular Contact (A/C) cartridge bearings are specifically designed for hubs and bottom brackets. In standard radial bearings, only 3 ...


Abi | Enduro Ceramic Outboard Bb Bearings Bearings For Ht Ii, Megaexo, X-Type


Replace your old / damaged outboard bearing setup with top-quality Enduro bearings. Can be used on Shimano Hollowtech II, FSA Mega Exo, and Race Face X-Type setups. "Bearings for HTII. . . " is the actual sealed cartridge bearings "Bottom Bracket Cup Removal Tool" removes the bottom bracket cups "BB Bearing Replacing Tool" is used to press the new bearings into your old cups Grade 5 ball bearings with Polyamide retainers | Abi | Enduro ...


Cane Creek | Aer Bearings Aer Series - Bearing-41Mm-36X45 Degree-Aluminum


Cane Creek AER Bearings Cane Creek’s AER Bearings are renowned for being insanely lightweight without compromising on performance or durability. The hybrid aluminum/steel bearing design is robust enough to handle countless miles out on the trail and features a sealed cartridge design in order to keep grime and dirt out. Not to mention that the blue anodization adds a nice bit of pizzazz. If it’s time for you to replace the bearings in your AER ...


Industry Nine | Irix Is 52 Lower Headset Ss Bearings


Industry Nine i Ri X IS 52 Lower Headset The apple of your iris Introducing the i Ri X Headset by Industry Nine, an eye-catching, high-precision, American-made headset made to take your ride to the next level. The i Ri X (pronounced “eye-ricks”) is designed for long life and easy adjustment, with the cups, top covers, and top caps precisely manufactured, anodized, and laser-etched in Asheville, NC. This construction from US-sourced 7075 aluminum provides a ...