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Wolf Tooth Components | Seatpost Clamp | Green | 31.8


WOLF TOOTH SEATPOST CLAMPCLAMPING DOWNKeeping your seatpost in place is important, but often overlooked. The Wolf Tooth Seatpost Clamp is precision-engineered from 6061 aluminum alloy and secures your seatpost while looking good. This seatpost clamp is available in four sizes and it features a custom, self-aligning bolt and anchor. The M5 bolt includes a spherical washer and mates with a cylindrical anchor barrel. This means that threads are always perfectly aligned, preventing binding and ...


Thomson | Seatpost Clamp | Black | 36.4Mm


Thomson Seatpost Clamp Great looks, great clamping, long life and no squeaking. The perfect addition to your Thomson Cockpit. The Thomson Seatpost Collar has several features that make it distinct. The collar utilizes the Thomson Seatpost bolt, washer and barrel nut combination that has proven to be strong over the years. This fastener combination allows float on both sides of the collar slot ensuring consistent clamping force. The bolt hole angle, height of the collar ...


Problem Solvers | Seatpost Clamp W/mounts Clamp 31.8 W/ Rack Mounts Black

$11.99 25% off $16.15 msrp

The Problem Solvers Seatpost Clamp with rack mounts provide a stable spot to mount your rear rack stays to on bikes without seatstay braze-ons. Alloy clamp Stainless steel bolt Threaded to accept standard M5 bolts | Problem Solvers | Seatpost Clamp W/mounts Clamp 31. 8 W/ Rack Mounts Black


Kalloy | Xtb-N Qr Seatpost Clamp | Black | 28.6Mm


Kalloy Xtb-N QR Seatpost Clamp The Kalloy XTB-N is a strong 2D forged clamp that features a quick-release lever. Diameter: 28. 6/ 31. 8/ 34. 9mm Height: 15mm Published Weight: 53g Finish: Anodized | Kalloy | Xtb-N Qr Seatpost Clamp | Black | 28. 6Mm