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Serfas | Schrader Valve Thorn Resistant Tube 700X25/32C

$2.94 81% off $16.00 msrp

SCHRADER VALVE THORN RESISTANT TUBERESIST THE THORNSNothing ruins a ride more than thorns. With standard tubes, these thorns will puncture the rubber and let the air out, but with heavy-duty tubes, you'll be able to resist these thorns. The Schrader Valve Thorn Resistant Tube has a thicker wall than a standard tube so you can ride with confidence knowing those small thorns don't stand a chance. This tube is only compatible with Schrader-type rims and ...


Serfas | 12X1.5/2.2 Schrader Tube 12X1.5/2.2

$2.94 57% off $6.99 msrp

Serfas 12” x 1. 5/2. 2” Schrader Tube Premium tubes for kid’s bikes. The Serfas 12” x 1. 5/2. 2” Schrader Tube fits 1. 5” to 2. 2” tires and has a Schrader valve. Features Schrader Valve Fits 1. 5”-2. 2” tires SPECIFICATIONSWheel Size12”Width1. 5”-2. 2”Valve Type Schrader Removable Core No Stem Type Threaded Weight- | Serfas | 12X1. 5/2. 2 Schrader Tube 12X1. 5/2. 2