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Serfas | Cl-20 Cable Combo Lock 20Mm X 5 Feet | Rubber


Serfas CL-20 Cable Combo Lock If you ride to class or to the market, you can keep bike thieves at bay with Serfas CL-20. Equipped with a five digit combination, you will never worry about losing your lock keys. The 4. 5 foot rubber coated cable protects your bike from scratches and can easily coil up to fit in your backpack. The 20mm ultra thick braided steel cable will make would be theives think twice ...


Serfas | 290 Mm U-Lock W/bracket Lock/bracket | Rubber


Serfas 290 MM U-Lock W/Bracket Ensure your bikes safety with the Serfas 290MM U-Lock. This U-Lock features a 15mm-thick hardened steel construction that has a double dead bolt for extra security. The U-Lock is rubber coated to prevent any frame scratches amd has a dust cover to keep your locking cylinder clean. The Serfas 290 MM U-Lock W/Bracket has a keyed lock head that includes three keys and has a quick-release frame bracket, which connects ...