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Serfas | Cosmo 60 Tail Light 60 Lumens

$39.99 11% off $45.00 msrp

Serfas Cosmo 60 Tail Light Make your presence known with the Serfas Cosmo 60 Tail Light. At a maximum outoput of 60 lumens, it is one of the most powerful rear lights on the market. It utilizes an aluminum constructed body that houses an IPX6 waterproof light. It features a large and highly visible lens for increased visibility and safety. Charges in just 2 hours! Serfas Cosmo 60 Tail Light Features ABS/Aluminum Construction Dual 30 ...


Serfas | Vulcan 350 Lumen Tail Light 350 Lumen


SERFAS VULCAN 350 LUMEN TAIL LIGHTVULCAN NERVE PINCHWhen it comes to being seen, lights are equally as important during the day as they are at night. With more accidents happening during the day than at night, daytime visibility is becoming more of a focus with newer lights. The Serfas Vulcan 350 Lumen Tail Light has a unique fin lens design that provides enhanced long-distance visibility while creating a generous 180° attention-grabbing side illumination. The light ...


Serfas | Apollo Tail Light 10 Lumens


Serfas Apollo Tail LightThe Apollo light by Serfas makes sure you're seen, no matter the conditions. The release strap has a wide range of adjustability options, allowing it to fit any number of seat posts and frames. It has a strong aluminum body, and it's waterproof. This bright and long lasting light uses easy to find CR2032 batteries for convenience, making it all that much more versatile. FeaturesSuper-bright LED with 240° VisibilityRuntime: 50 hours on ...


Serfas | Thunderbolt 2.0 Rear Tail Light 50 Lumens


Serfas Thunderbolt 2. 0 Front Light Rear The new Serfeas Thunderbolt belongs to the True Series line of light that Serfas has recently launched, which aims to being the best on the market. They were designed to meet and exceed their expected lumen output. It lights up to 50 lumen and gives you up to 13 hrs of runtime. Features Super Bright (50 Lumens) *Daytime Flash Auto Safe Mode Last Mode Memory USB Remote Switch ...


Serfas | Vulcan 130 Lumen Tail Light 130 Lumen


SERFAS VULCAN 130 LUMEN TAIL LIGHTENHANCED SIDE VISIBILITY DESIGNWhether you're riding during the heat of the day or riding in the dark of the night, you should have lights on your bike to increase your visibility. Daytime visibility is just as important as nighttime visibility. The Serfas Vulcan 130 Lumen Tail Light has a unique fin lens design that provides enhanced long-distance visibility while creating generous attention-grabbing side illumination. The three super-bright CREE LEDs ...


Serfas | Quasar Tail Light | Black | 25 Lumens


Serfas Quasar Tail Light The Serfas Quasar tail light features a built in strap and backpack clip, providing you multiple mounting options for both horizontal and vertical bars. In just a short 3. 5 hours, the Serfas Quasar is charged and ready for the ride. With three different light modes including high, low, and flash, the rider is able to dial in the perfect setting for any condition or situation. Whether you're dashing between classes ...