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Microshift | 9 Speed Down Tube Shifters 9-Speed, Double/Triple, Shimano Compatible, Silver

$73.99 8% off $80.99 msrp

Microshift 9 Speed Down Tube ShiftersClassic shifting done rightMicroSHIFT’s downtube shifters perfectly complement any classic bike equipped with down tube shifter routing. They offer reliable and snappy shifting that’s designed to work perfectly for countless miles. A full CNC aluminum construction ensures the shifters are built to last, while the adjustable torque bolt lets you fine tune the shifter drag. This down tube shifter variant is specifically designed to work with Shimano Road ...


Microshift | Double Triple 9 Speed Bar End Shifters 9-Speed Road, Double/Triple, Shimano Compatible, Silver

$88.99 8% off $96.99 msrp

Microshift Double Triple 9 Speed Bar End ShiftersReliable shiftingThere’s a reason bikepackers and tourers are big fans of bar end shifters, they’re incredibly bombproof and reliable. MicroSHIFT’s bar end shifters are no different, they’re constructed out of precision machined aluminum for a long lasting build and feature simple internals that won’t give up. The rear shifter supports both friction and index modes while the torque bolt allows you to easily adjust the shift effort. This ...


Microshift | Bar End Shifters 2/3 X 10 Speed Shimano Road

$88.99 14% off $103.95 msrp

Microshift Bar End Shifters Microshift Bar End Shifters are versatile for lots of your bike builds, from vintage restores, to modern time trial rigs, to retro cyclocross builds. The 9-speed black and silver pair would look great on my 1980 Fuji, just saying. Microshift shifers work with Shimano and Shimano compatible drivetrains. The micro-indexed front on both these shifter options works with double or triple cranksets. The 9 speed option is indexed or friction 9 ...


Shimano | SL-Bs77 9-Speed Bar End Shifters 9SP, Works with Double/Triple


Shimano SL-BS77 9-Speed Bar End ShiftersReady To ShiftWhether you're building up a brand new touring bike or you're replacing your old bar-end shifters, you'll want to get the best bar-end shifters around. The Shimano SL-BS77 9-Speed Bar End Shifters are compatible with double or triple-chainring cranksets. The right shifter is friction compatible and both shifters include cables, housing, and mounts. Friction-toggle right leverFD/Shifter Compatibility: Shimano Road Double, Mountain Triple, ...


Microshift | Trail Trigger Pro Right Shifter 9 Speed | Black | 9sp ADVENT Compatible only

$28.99 9% off $31.99 msrp

microSHIFT Trail Trigger Pro Right Shifter 9 SpeedSingletrack Ready Without the Price TagMicroSHIFT’s Advent drivetrain is a no nonsense approach to mountain biking drivetrains. Built around a reliable and robust 9-speed system, the Trail Trigger Pro is MicroSHIFT’s higher end trail-ready shifter in the Advent lineup. Its “millimeter-perfect ergonomics” ensure that you’ll always have easy access to the shift levers and you won’t have to adjust or compromise your grip when riding over ...


Microshift | Trail Trigger Right Shifter 9 Speed | Black | 9spd ADVENT Compatible only

$25.99 7% off $27.99 msrp

microSHIFT Trail Trigger Right Shifter 9 SpeedAffordability Meets Bombproof DesignMicroSHIFT’s Trail Trigger shifter is designed to work in conjunction with MicroSHIFT’s extremely affordable Advent 9-speed drivetrain. It features “millimeter-perfect ergonomics” which ensures you’ll be able to perfectly shift in any and all scenarios. Light lever action paired with positive indexing provides solid and reliable shifting. MicroSHIFT’s Advent drivetrain bucks the trend of expensive and finicky ...


Microshift | Centos Trigger Shifter Set 10-Speed Road, Double, Shimano Tiagra 4700 Compatible | Aluminum

$70.99 7% off $76.99 msrp

Microshift Centos Trigger Shifter SetMicroSHIFT’s Centos Trigger Shifters are the easiest way to convert your Tiagra 4700 equipped drop bar road bike to a flat bar cockpit setup. The shifters feature sealed bearings and robust internals for a long lasting design while the ergonomic shifting design makes shifting intuitive. Separate index and thumb triggers are easy to use and deliver crisp shifting time after time. If you’ve been pining for a flat bar setup but ...


Microshift | R9 Drop Bar Shifters Black w/ | Silver | Lever, Left Drop Bar Shift Lever, Triple, Shimano Compatible | Aluminum

$70.99 7% off $76.99 msrp

Microshift R9 Drop Bar ShiftersReliable shiftingMicroSHIFT’s drop bar shifters are proof that reliable shifters don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The R9 drop bar shifters are specifically compatible with Shimano road 9-speed derailleurs and feature separate discrete shifting levers for an intuitive shifting experience. External shifter cable routing paired with internal brake cable routing cleans up the cockpit while still being easily serviceable. Great ergonomics keep things comfy and ...


Microshift | Flat Bar Shifters Flat Bar Shifters 2/3 X 10SPD Shim Road

$98.99 28% off $137.97 msrp

MicroShift Flat Bar Shifters MicroShift Flat Bar Shifters are just what the minimalist ordered! These low-profile thumb shifters are perfect for everything from your retro-inspired townie build to a bikepacking rig built to withstand the apocalypse. Simple operation and a classy, straightforward aesthetic are matched with efficient performance and the versatility of switching between friction or indexed shifting (for the rear shifter). The front shifter operates in a micro friction mode ...