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Shimano | Xt Cs-M8000 11 Speed Cassette 11-40T, 11 Speed

$94.99 19% off $117.99 msrp

Shimano XT CS-M8000 Cassette Challenge new trails with unmatched efficiency and performance. Shimano's XT M8000 11-speed cassette is the key to taking full advantage of the Dyna-Sys 11-speed system. This cassette is specifically designed with a wide gear combination and carefully balanced ratios for you to find that perfect gear on the trail. Through its carefully-calculated Rhythm Step gear progression, the XT M8000 Cassette decreases "shock" and lost power as you shift gears, ultimately ...


Shimano | Xt Cs-M8100 12 Speed Cassette 10-45 Tooth


Shimano XT CS-M8100 Cassette The new generation of XTShowcasing Shimano's new revolutionary HYPERGLIDE+ technology, the new 12-speed XT CS-M8100 Cassette provides improved shifting efficiency up and down the cassette. Paired with the new Shimano MICROSPLINE freehub, you have an incredibly lightweight package that delivers industry leading performance. The high geared 10-speed cog gives you all the speed you need to sprint to the finsih, and either a 51T or 45T low gear allows you to ...


Shimano | Ultegra Cs-6700 10Sp Cassette 12-30T

$71.11 5% off $74.99 msrp

Shimano Ultegra 6700 10-Speed Cassette Top-Tier Performance, Mid-Tier Price Shimano’s Ultegra series has long been the standard for high-tech components with a reasonable price tag. Utilizing much of the technology found in Shimano’s top-end Dura Ace group, Ultegra doesn’t disappoint when it comes to performing at a high level. This Ultegra 6700 cassette uses an aluminum carrier for the three largest cogs, as well as machined holes in the cogs themselves—all adding up to a ...


Shimano | Xt Cs-M771 10 Speed Cassette 11-32T, 10 Speed

$59.99 21% off $75.99 msrp

Shimano M771 XT 10 Speed Cassette Shimano's new XT-level 10-speed cassette specifically designed to work with a 10 speed drivetrain. Shimano developed Dyna-Sys with the goal of increasing rider efficiency. This means closer ratios, smoother shifts, and a more stable pedal stroke. Uses a two-spider construction on the largest six cogs for lightness and rigidity, and prevents gouging of aluminum freehub bodies Lightweight Alloy Lockring Dyna-Sys 10 speed Compatible with 8/9/10/11 speed ...


Shimano | Slx Cs-M7100 Cassette 10-45 Tooth


Shimano SLX CS-M7100 Cassette The new generation of SLXShowcasing Shimano's new revolutionary HYPERGLIDE+ technology, the new 12-speed SLX CS-M7100 Cassette provides improved shifting efficiency up and down the cassette. Paired with the new Shimano MICROSPLINE freehub, you have an incredibly lightweight package that delivers industry leading performance. The high geared 10-speed cog gives you all the speed you need to sprint to the finsih, and a 51T or 45T low gear allows you to effortless ...


Shimano | 105 Cs-R7100 12 Speed Cassette 11-34 Tooth


Shimano CS-R7100 12-Speed Cassette Brings Versatility To Any Rider or Road The cassette is an important part of any bike. With the right cassette on your bike, you'll be able to climb easier, sprint easier, and ride farther. The Shimano CS-R7100 12-Speed Cassette has a refined 12-step gear combination that provides peak efficiency and accelerating performance for every situation. It is compatible with the new 12-speed and road 11-speed freehub body. Features Compatible with HG ...


Shimano | Cs-M9101-12 Xtr Hyperglide+ 12 Speed Cassette 12 Spd, 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-40-45T


Shimano CS-M9101-12 XTR Hyperglide+ 12 Speed Cassette Simply the best Shimano XTR 12-speed here and it’s glorious. XTR has long been the golden standard in the mountain bike industry and now with it’s support for massive gear ranges you’ll be able to climb up the steepest of climbs. In order to get the most out of XTR you’ll need an equally high end cassette. Enter the M9191 cassette which features Shimano’s latest and greatest Hyperglide+ ...


Shimano | Xtr Cs-M9001 Cassette M9001 11 Sp, 11-40T, For 1X, 2X Or 3X


Shimano XTR CS-M9001 Cassette Focus and determination defines you. You are streamlined and efficient. You embrace the most difficult challenges and refuse to give up. You never make excuses, you never stop trying. You conquer mountains from the bottom up, never satisfied with only the descent. You crush the whole loop, every pedal stroke a relentless assault on gravity, your competitors and your personal records. You are XTR and XTR is you. Seriously fast. Confident. ...


Shimano | Deore Cs-M4100 10 Speed Cassette 11-42 Tooth


SHIMANO DEORE CS-M4100 10-SPEED CASSETTEWIDE RANGEThe cassette you use on your bike has a significant impact on your climbing ability and performance. With a larger low gear, you'll be able to climb steeper hills with ease. The Shimano Deore CS-M4100 10-Speed Cassette is designed for trail mountain biking. It is compatible with Shimano's Hyper Glide freehub bodies and is available in both 11-42T and 11-46T options. Features Compatible with standard HG freehub bodies11-46T cassette designed ...


Shimano | 105 Cs-5700 10 Speed Cassette 11-25T


Shimano 105 CS-5700 10-Speed Cassette Long-lasting performance The Shimano 105 series of road components is well-known for its durability, performance, and trickle-down technology from Shimano’s top-end road components. The 105 CS-5700 10-Speed Cassette is a durable, smooth-shifting cassette at the heart of Shimano’s 10-speed road drivetrains. The cassette’s cogs feature a durable steel construction, with machined holes for weight savings without compromising longevity, and a lightweight ...


Shimano | Ultegra Cs-R8100 12Spd Cassette 11-30T


Shimano Ultegra CS-R8100 12spd Cassette The Weekend Warrior’s Cassette Shimano’s brand new Ultegra R8100 12-speed cassette has been designed from the ground up to meet the demands of modern cyclists. The R8100 cassette features the same Hyperglide+ tech that’s found in its big brother the Dura-Ace R9200 cassette and Shimano’s 12-speed mountain bike drivetrain lineup. Hyperglide+ drastically improves shifting in any conditions and in any scenario. Not to mention that with Hyperglide+ there’s ...


Shimano | Dura-Ace Cs-R9200 Cassette 12-Speed, 11-34T, Gray


Shimano Dura-Ace CS-R9200 Cassette The Pro-level cassette The all-new Shimano Dura-Ace R9200 cassette simply put is the highest level cassette option for your 12-speed Shimano equipped road bike. It features Hyperglide+ tech straight from Shimano’s 12-speed mountain drivetrains to deliver the absolute best shifting, even while under load, allowing you to focus on the ride and not on your drivetrain. The refined 12-speed gear combination offers plenty of range and small gear jumps, a ...


Sram | Xg-1275 Gx Eagle 12 Speed Cassette 10-52T | Black | 12-Speed, Xd, 52T Rear Der. Only


SRAM XG-1275 12 SPEED CASSETTETHE RANGE TO REACH. TO REALIZE. A RANGE BEYOND LIMITATION. Fast on the flats. Control on the climbs. Dictate your own pace, anywhere. Ride anything with this wide range XG-1275 Eagle cassette that provides the perfect gear ratio. Only Eagle technology is the 1x drivetrain engineered for infinite freedom. FULL PIN technology uses lightweight, stamped steel cogs held together with high-strength stainless steel pins. The result is a cassette that's light ...


Sunrace | Csmx8 11 Speed Cassette 11-42 Tooth, Black

$72.99 8% off $80.00 msrp

Sunrace CSMX8 11 Speed Cassette The age of affordable 11 speed MTB components is here! As 11-speed drivetrains have become the norm on the trail, Sunrace has jumped into the cassette game, building this high-quality cassette with their trademark precision. The Sunrace CSMX8 11-Speed cassette is a lightweight upgrade option for HG splined freehubs, as its largest cog is constructed from 7075 aluminum while all the other cogs are cut from resilient steel. The MTB-specific ...


E.thirteen | Helix Plus 12 Speed Cassette 12 Speed, 9-50 Tooth


E*Thirteen Helix Plus 12 Speed Cassette Big gearing for big rides E*Thirteen’s Helix Plus cassette is a unique cassette in that unlike other 12-speed MTB cassettes, it offers a 9-tooth cog for a top end gear. Just like your typical 12-speed MTB cassette it utilizes a 50-tooth cog for the lowest gear. What does this mean for you? It means you can run a smaller chainring like a 30-tooth chainring and get the same low ...


Sram | Pg-1070 10 Speed Cassette 11-25T

$67.99 26% off $93.00 msrp

SRAM PG-1070 10-Speed Cassette Ready To Shift If your bike is starting to shift funny, you might need a new cassette on the back. After a while, your cassette will begin to wear out and will need to be replaced. The SRAM PG-1070 10-Speed Cassette offers an innovative approach to 10-speed cassette design. It features a semi-spidered construction for a maximum stiffness-to-weight ratio and it has Powerglide II technology for optimized shifting performance. Features Powerglide ...


Microshift | Advent X Cassette | Ed Black | 10 Speed, 11-48T, Hardened Steel Cogs

$59.99 7% off $64.99 msrp

MICROSHIFT ADVENT X CASSETTEREADY FOR ADVENTUREThe type of cassette you use on your bike has a significant impact on how easy it is to climb and ride in rough terrain. With more teeth on your cassette, you'll have a lower climbing gear for those tough ascents. The micro SHIFT Advent X Cassette has 10-speeds and an 11-48T range with evenly-spaced gear steps. It allows riders to shift less often to fight the right gear, while ...


Box Components | Box Two Prime 9 Cassette | Black | 9 Speed, 11-50T


BOX Two Prime 9 Cassette Massive Rang Without the Price Tag BOX’s Prime 9 drivetrain is designed to provide a massive mountain bike gear range in an affordable and simple package. The Two Prime 9 cassette offers an 11-50t gear range, effectively offering the same gear range as more expensive drivetrain options from SRAM or Shimano. The Two Prime 9 cassette sits in the middle of BOX’s Prime 9 drivetrain tier, providing a terrific bang-for-buck ...