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Orbea | Avant H40-D Bike 2021 57cm, Speed Silver


ORBEA AVANT H40-D BIKE 2021FREEDOM TO RIDEEndurance road riding is all about riding long distances comfortably. Endurance road bikes have a more relaxed geometry than a race bike so you can enjoy the ride in comfort without sacrificing your speed. The Orbea Avant H40-D Bike is designed to help you enjoy the exhilaration of road cycling. The Avant has a hydroformed aluminum frame and a carbon fork that offers the best combination of elasticity, tire ...


Orbea | Terra H40 Bike 2021 X-Large, Black


ORBEA TERRA H40 BIKE 2021YOU'RE NEVER LOSTGravel riding continues to grow in popularity every year. These bikes are able to keep riding when the pavement ends and the dirt begins. The Orbea Terra H40 Bike is designed for the rider who isn't lost but wants to explore roads and trails that might not be on a map. It is at home on the dirt, gravel, or just about anything else you might encounter. The hydroformed ...


VAAST | A/1 700c GRX Bike 2020 | Gloss Berry Red | Large (56cm)


VAAST A/1 700C GRX BIKE 2020ONE BIKE FOR ALL ROADSIt's not every day that a new bicycle comes out that takes the bike world by storm. Some bikes can be a dime and dozen, but this one is truly exceptional. The VAAST A/1 700c GRX Bike is the first bike frame to use ALLITE Super Magnesium. This high-strength alloy features excellent shock absorption properties, weighs 33% less than Aluminum and 50% less than Titanium by ...


Ibis Bicycles | Hakka MX GRX 27.5" Bike | Fireball Red | 55


IbisHakka MX GRX 27. 5" BikeDo It AllThe new Ibis Hakka MX is a serious contender in a wide range of cycling styles and landscapes. It’s built to handle technical terrain with ease, while still tackling smoother, high-speed roads with grace and stability. You can run 700c tires up to 40mm wide, or even run 650’s with up to a 2. 1” tire. The clean internal cable routing is built to accommodate a wide range ...


Orbea | Gain D30 Bike 2020 Green Red Medium


Orbea Gain D30 Bike 2020Stealth AssistIf we told you the bike pictured above is an E-bike, would you believe us? If your guess was based on visuals alone, you would probably say no. This response is exactly what Orbea set out to achieve with the new 2019 Gain E-bike. If you are part of the cycling community, I’m sure you’re aware of the stigma that surrounds E-bikes. Uneducated cycling purists view them essentially as mini ...