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Shimano | Di2 Sm-Ecwc2 E-Tube Cover Set Black


Shimano E-Tube DI2 SD50 Wire Cover Set for external Di2 wire routing. | Shimano | Di2 Sm-Ecwc2 E-Tube Cover Set Black


Shimano | Zee Bl-M640 Brake Lever Cover Bl-M640, Left Hand Reservoir Cover


Shimano Zee Brake Reservoir Cover If you’ve lost or broken your reservoir cover for your Shimano Zee Brakes, fear not. These OEM reservoir covers replace the original, providing a tight seal on your master cylinder. Features Compatible brakes Shimano Zee BL-M640 | Shimano | Zee Bl-M640 Brake Lever Cover Bl-M640, Left Hand Reservoir Cover


Shimano | Dura-Ace St-R9270 Bracket Covers Covers Pair


Shimano ST-R9270 Bracket Covers An easy way to make your bike feel brand new again is by replacing your worn out brake hoods. With the Shimano R9270 Bracket Covers you can easily swap out your Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 Hydraulic Brake lever hoods for a new set. The ergonomic design delivers terrific comfort and control. Look no further if you want an easy way to refresh your cockpit setup. Features Model number: WP-Y0MX98010Easy to install and ...


Shimano | Rd-R8150 Charger Cover


Shimano RD-R8150 Charger Cover Shimano’s RD-R8150 charger cover is a replacement charger cover part for your RD-8150 rear derailleur in the event you accidentally misplace it. We’ve all accidentally lost small parts before, fortunately we’ve got replacement parts ready to go in case you need them. So what are you waiting for, throw a new charger cover on and get back out on the road. Features Charger cover for the RD-R8150 rear derailleur Not compatible ...


Orbea | Charge Port Cover Aluminum Rise, Charge Port


Orbea Charge Port Cover Keep It Covered If you have an aluminum or carbon Orbea Rise e-bike with a Shimano EP8 motor and you need a new charge port cover, you're in the right place. The Orbea Charge Port Cover is designed to work with Orbea Rise e-bikes. There is an aluminum option and a carbon option, so make sure you choose the one that works with your model. It comes with all the screws ...