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Shimano | Rt66 6-Bolt Disc Brake Rotor Rotor For Disc Brake, Sm-Rt66, Ll 220Mm, 6-Bolt Type


Shimano SLX RT66 6-BOLT Rotor The Shimano SLX RT66 6-BOLT Rotor features a lightweight and sleek design that is super reliable. Shimano SLX RT66 6-BOLT Rotor Specifications Hub/Disc Compatibility: 6-Bolt Disc Pad Compatibility: All Pad Compounds Rotor Size (mm): 203mm, 160mm, 180mm Rotor Type: One Piece Includes rotor fixing bolts and non-turn washers | Shimano | Rt66 6-Bolt Disc Brake Rotor Rotor For Disc Brake, Sm-Rt66, Ll 220Mm, 6-Bolt Type


Shimano | Xt Sm-Rt76 6 Bolt Rotor 6 Bolt, 160Mm


Shimano SM-RT76 Deore XT 6 Bolt Rotor The Shimano SM-RT76 Deore XT brings 2-piece rotor construction to the masses with an innovative design trickled down from XTR. The two-piece rotor is lighter, stays cooler, and resists warping better than previous versions. The SM-RT76's aluminum spider saves weight, dissipates heat like a champ, and increases overall stiffness while the steel construction rotor resists wear for the long haul. A cooler rotor means better braking performance and ...


Shimano | Rt-Mt900 Centerlock Disc Rotor 140Mm


SHIMANO RT-MT900 CENTERLOCK DISC ROTORThe Shimano MT900 XTR Centerlock rotor is the pinnacle of Shimano's ICE Technology development. First featured in Pro Downhill mountain bike racing, the line has been expanded to include all sizes of rotors so other disciplines can also enjoy the benefits of this top-of-the-line brake technology. The MT900 features Ice-Tech technology which is Shimano’s best-in-category heat management system. Brake heat from long descents sucks power from your brakes, ...


Shimano | Xtr F203P/p Disc Brake Adaptor 203 Rotor, Shimano | # Ismma90F203Ppm

$12.99 27% off $17.99 msrp

Shimano XTR F203P/P Disc Brake Adaptor Shimano Disc Brake Adaptors are the finest disc brake adaptors available for Shimano disc brakes. Utilizing an extremely stiff aluminum construction, you will achieve your proper brake alignment and optimum function. This adaptor is for mounting a standard Post Mount caliper to a native 180mm Post Mount fork to use a 203 mm disc brake rotor. Use all Shimano brake components for the best braking performance. Lightweight, Stiff Aluminum ...