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Shimano | SH-AM903 Shoes Men's | Size 44 in Navy

$127.50 25% off $170.00 msrp

Shimano SH-AM903 ShoesFully-armored and ready to sendThe Shimano SH-AM903 shoes are an all-mountain and enduro-oriented shoe, providing all the features needed for aggressive riding in challenging terrain. The AM903 is loaded with features to keep you protected, including a rugged toe cap, an armored lace shield and padded ankle collar—allowing you to send it with confidence. The Shimano-specific tread design and rubber compound gives the AM903 legendary grip and control when off the bike, ...


Shimano | SH-GR901 Mountain Shoe Men's | Size 40 in Black

$83.94 47% off $160.00 msrp

SHIMANO SH-GR901 MOUNTAIN SHOESHaving the right shoes on while you're riding will make all the difference in your performance. If you're riding downhill or freeride, having a grippier shoe for your pedals will benefit you greatly. The Shimano SH-GR901 Mountain Shoes are designed specifically for platform pedals with their Michelin rubber outsole that provides superior grip whether you're on the pedals or on the ground. The upper portion of the shoe features an armored lace ...


Shimano | SH-RX800 Women's Shoes | Size 44 in Navy

$183.99 26% off $250.00 msrp

SHIMANO SH-RX800 WOMEN'S SHOESFEATHERWEIGHT GRAVEL RACING SHOESWhen you're in a race, you need every advantage you can get. Everything down to your shoes will have an impact on your performance. The Shimano SH-RX800 Women's Shoes are featherweight gravel racing shoes that have a super stiff and light carbon composite sole. They are system-engineered with SPD pedals for max pedaling efficiency and stability and they have abrasion-resistant TPU lugs that grip well off the bike. The ...


Shimano | SH-XC501 Women's Shoes | Size 36 in Navy

$84.94 50% off $170.00 msrp

SHIMANO SH-XC501 WOMEN'S SHOESLIGHTWEIGHT AND HIGH-PERFORMANCE XC SHOESWhile you're riding, the type of shoes you use have a significant impact on your pedaling power and performance. When you clip into your pedals, you're able to push and pull on the pedals and your foot is always in the optimal pedaling position. The Shimano SH-XC501 Women's Shoes are lightweight and high-performance mid-range XC shoes. They have a low stack height midsole that helps stabilize the foot, ...


Shimano | SH-RC500 Women's Shoe | Size 36 in Navy

$80.94 49% off $160.00 msrp

Shimano SH-RC500 Women's ShoeThe perfect shoe is just as important as any other part on your bike, in fact, think of your shoes as an extension of your bike. It is the main contact point between you and your bike, it's where the power transfer is made from your body to your bike. The Shimano SH-RC500 Women's Road Shoe is a full-featured, lightweight shoe that features an Ultra-rigid, lightweight carbon fiber composite midsole that provides ...


Shimano | SH-GR500 Youth Shoes Men's | Size 37 in Navy

$87.99 20% off $110.00 msrp

SHIMANO GH-GR500 YOUTH SHOESA GRAVITY SHOE FOR FLAT PEDALSClipping into your pedals isn't for everyone. Sometimes having flat pedals is better for certain situations like gravity riding. The Shimano GH-GR500 Youth Shoes are gravity shoes for flat pedals. It features a sticky-rubber outsole for superb grip on pedals or off the pedals and it has a durable synthetic upper with mesh for protection and breathability. FeaturesSticky rubber outside provides excellent grip on or off the ...