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Intense Cycles | Primer 29" Elite Bike 2020 | Red | Large


Intense Primer 29" ELITE BIKE 2020Choose the bike, then choose the wheel sizeNow everyone knows that mountain bikers have strong opinions on wheel sizes. To quote the hilarious Youtube video How to be a Mounter Biker by IFHT Films, “pick a wheel size and be a di*k about it”. With the 2020 Intense Primer, the days of a specific bike only being available with one wheel size are over. Want a 29er? Great! Want a ...


Intense Cycles | Carbine Pro Bike 2021 Medium Red/White


Intense Carbine Pro Bike 2021An absolute ripper and the perfect enduro machine, the 2021 Intense Carbine is a big-wheeled, long-travel bike designed for aggressive riding. With an enduro optimized carbon fiber frame, 155mm of JS Tuned Link suspension, slack but balanced geometry and 29-inch wheels, the Carbine inspires confidence on the downhills and is stable, fast and playful. Climbing won’t be a problem either, thanks to the balanced climbing position and the JS Link Tuned ...


Orbea | Gain M30 Bike 2020 Orange Yellow Small


// ORBEA GAIN M30 BIKE 2020NO PAIN, ALL GAINE-Bikes are growing in popularity because they help riders climb to new heights and push the boundaries of what they are capable of. Pedal-assist bikes can easily be turned off for those times when you don't need it and turned back on for those tougher climbs or rougher rides. The Orbea Gain M30 Bike was designed to enhance your die, not dominate it. The Gain has a ...


Orbea | Alma M50-Eagle Bike 2021 Small, Ice Green


ORBEA ALMA M50-Eagle BIKE 2021THE FASTEST XC HARDTAILIf you want the lightest mountain bike possible, then you'll want a hardtail. Hardtails are extremely efficient when it comes to climbing and acceleration on flat ground. The Orbea Alma M50-Eagle Bike is the choice of elite racers or riders who want the lightest bike with the best performance. The OMR frame is made from monocoque carbon fiber that provides a lightweight, stiff, and reliable platform that has ...