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Shimano | Stainless Road Shift Cable Set Stainless 2100mm Cable, SP41 | Black | House


Shimano Stainless Road Shift Cable SetThe Shimano Road Shift Cable Set is entirely pre-lubricated with a special silicone grease for quick and precise shifting every time. By reducing inner cable friction, shift cables are able to provide a quick response with easy and effortless shifting, which prevents power loss and shifting fatigue on those long, tedious rides. Please Note: Not compatible with Campagnolo shifters. FeaturesStainless steel inner 2100 mm (2 pcs. )SIS-SP40 outer caps (4 ...


Shimano | | Stainless | Shift Cable, 2100mm | Stainless | 2100mm


Shimano Stainless Derailleur CableOver time, cables stretch and wear, making them less efficient and reducing shift performance. Replace diminishing derailleur cables with these Shimano stainless derailleur cables for smooth and responsive shifting. Stainless steel braided cables1. 2 x 2100mmSold individually (not in a set)Manufacturer Part Number: Y60098911 | Shimano | | Stainless | Shift Cable, 2100mm | Stainless | 2100mm


Shimano | MTB Optislik Shift Cable Set Black

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shimano mtb optislick shift cable set The Shimano MTB Optislick Shift Cable Set features Optislick cable routing, which features an electrically coated layer to improve cable routing efficiency. The stainless steel cable is anti-rust, providing you with smooth shifting and durability to last. Features OPTISLICK Improves cable routing efficiency and provides excellent corrosion resistance. Anti-rust Stainless steel cable for anti-rust protection Low friction Cables are formed with curved ...


Jagwire | Derailleur Cable, 2300mm Stainless, 2300mm, Shimano Head


Jagwire Derailleur Wire Keep the rig shifting smooth with a fresh Jagewire Derailleur cable. Choose from an economical galvanized option or the more weather resistant stainless steel. For ultra-low friction and ultimate shifting performance, go with the teflon coated option. Features: 2300mm lenght Available in galvanized, stainless or teflon coated stainless options Shimano/Sram or Campy compatible options | Jagwire | Derailleur Cable, 2300mm Stainless, 2300mm, Shimano Head


Alligator | Brake Cable P.T.F.E Stainless

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Alligator Brake Cables Cable-operated brakes feeling mushy, sluggish and wimpy? I little bit of routine maintenance and some TLC will bring your rig back into its glory days. Buy a few Alligator Brake Cables to ensure you have what you need for the job and enjoy the ability to stop on your next ride. Each pack contains exactly one inner cable. SPECIFICATIONS : 19-strand P. T. F. E. coated or Slick Stainless Steels Double-ended; MTB/ ...