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Shimano | SH-XC902 S-PHYRE Shoes Men's | Size 40 in White


Shimano SH-XC902 S-PHYRE ShoesThe next level of race-ready footwearThe pinnacle of Shimano’s XC and cyclocross race shoe lineup, the new podium-ready SH-XC902 S-PHYRE shoes are ready to go fast on any surface with no compromises. The ultra-efficient and lightweight carbon fiber-reinforced midsole and hollow, lightweight outsole make these Shimano’s stiffest off-road shoes. Dual BOA® Li2 dials—in conjunction with an adjustable powerzone lace guide—offer precise, even tension of the ...


Shimano | SH-RC902 Women's S-PHYRE shoes | Size 37 in White

$322.50 25% off $430.00 msrp

Shimano SH-RC902 S-PHYRE Women’s ShoeThe Flex Stops HereThe top-end Shimano SH-RC902 S-PHYRE shoes are Shimano’s pro-level road race shoes that are equally at home in the pro peloton, or on your local competitive group ride. The RC902’s feature an exceptional level of stiffness—a 12/12 on Shimano’s stiffness scale—eliminating nearly any flex associated with transferring rider power output to the pedals. Rather than making the entire shoe uncomfortably stiff, Shimano cleverly engineered the ...


Shimano | SH-RC702 Shoes Men's | Size 45 in Black


Shimano SH-RC702 ShoesPerformance without compromiseThe Shimano SH-RC702 Shoes are Shimano’s newly-designed competition road shoes, with inspiration drawn from their S-PHYRE race collection. The synthetic leather upper features a wraparound design to minimize empty space and excess volume, for improved comfort and pedaling efficiency. The carbon fiber sole is rated 10/12 on Shimano’s stiffness scale, so nearly every watt of output is transferred to the pedals. Shimano’s advanced Dynalast ...


Shimano | SH-IC500 Women's Shoes | Size 38 in Purple

$60.94 51% off $125.00 msrp

SHIMANO SH-IC500 WOMEN'S SHOESPERFORMANCE INDOOR CYCLING SHOESClipping into your pedals has a significant impact on your performance and power. You're able to push and pull on the pedals for higher output. The Shimano SH-IC500 Women's Shoes are performance indoor SPD cycling shoe with a comfortable fit and breathability. They have a breathable, comfortable sock mesh upper design and easily open, tighten, and adjust with the Boa L6 dial. The full-length reinforced plate provides stable power ...


Shimano | SH-GR903 Shoes Men's | Size 42 in Black


Shimano SH-GR903 ShoesFueled by adrenalineThe Shimano SH-GR903 shoes are designed for the riders who love the thrill of the descent, and need a shoe that can keep up. The GR903 features exceptional pedal grip on flat pedals, due to Shimano’s super grippy Ultread GR rubber compound and flat-pedal optimized tread design, giving you the confidence to hit the biggest obstacles at the highest speeds. The comfortable skate shoe inspired styling features a rugged toe cap ...


Shimano | SH-RC500 Women's Shoe | Size 36 in Navy

$91.00 43% off $160.00 msrp

Shimano SH-RC500 Women's ShoeThe perfect shoe is just as important as any other part on your bike, in fact, think of your shoes as an extension of your bike. It is the main contact point between you and your bike, it's where the power transfer is made from your body to your bike. The Shimano SH-RC500 Women's Road Shoe is a full-featured, lightweight shoe that features an Ultra-rigid, lightweight carbon fiber composite midsole that provides ...


Shimano | SH-IC300W Women's Road Shoes | Size 37 in White

$64.99 48% off $125.00 msrp

Shimano SH-IC300W Women's Road ShoesThe Shimano SH-IC300W Women's Road Shoes are indoor SPD cycling shoes that offer the same level of comfort, walkability and style of a sneaker. The breathable, comfortable sock mesh upper designed for hard workouts and provides casual comfort. These indoor cycling shoes easily open, tighten and have an adjustable fit all thanks to the BOA® L6 dial. The Mid-length plate provides pedaling stability with off the bike comfort and the Shock ...