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Shimano | XT M8000 SM-Crm81 Chainring 34T, for Fc-M8000-1 | Aluminum

$49.59 23% off $64.99 msrp

Shimano SM-CRM81 Chainring Shimano's SM-CRM81 chainring features a new tooth profile with Dynamic Chain Engagement. Their new 1x proprietary chain retention technology prevents skips and drops, and lengthens a chain's lifetime. The combination of wide steel teethe with special hooked teeth improve chain retention and lifespan by up to 150%, even on rough terrain. Features 11 Speed XT Chainring Stainless teeth for extremely long life 96mm BCD Built for Shimano FC-M8000 Crank | Shimano | ...


Shimano | XT SM-CRM85 Chainring 30 Tooth | Aluminum


Shimano XT SM-CRM85 ChainringThe new generation of XTDesigned to handle everything from XC to Enduro riding, Shimano's Dynamic Chain Engagement technology is a special gear-teeth profile design that provides increased chain retention and smoother pedaling. Proper chain retention reduces abrasion and overall wear, increasing the longevity of your drivetrain. TheXT SM-CRM85 Chainring features a direct mount design that is compatible with the new generation of 12-speed XT cranksets. ...


Shimano | XT Fc-M770 9 Speed Chainring 44T, Aluminum, 104mm Bcd

$59.99 31% off $87.99 msrp

Shimano XT M770 Series Chainring Replacement chainrings for the Shimano XT M770-series crankset. 4 bolt, 64/104mm BCD pattern. Sold singly. Order all 3 if you need rings for one bicycle Shift assist pins help ensure smooth shifting, even under load | Shimano | XT Fc-M770 9 Speed Chainring 44T, Aluminum, 104mm Bcd


Shimano | XT M785 10 Speed Chainring 38T, 104Bcd, 10SPD, AM-Type, Outer Ring

$47.99 43% off $85.00 msrp

Shimano XT M785 Chainring These are replacement chainrings for the Shimano XT M785-series Dyna-Sys 2x10 crankset. The Shimano XT M785 Chainring uses a 4-bolt 104/64 BCD pattern. These rings are for the AM 38/24T chainring configuration. Shimano recommends this ratio for superior shifting. For use with Shimano 10 speed drivetrains only 24T uses a 64 BCD (Y1ML24000) 38T uses a 104 BCD (Y1ML98040) | Shimano | XT M785 10 Speed Chainring 38T, 104Bcd, 10SPD, AM-Type, ...


Shimano | XT Fc-M8000 Double Chainring 24T, for 34-24T | Aluminum

$45.00 30% off $65.00 msrp

Shimano XT FC-M8000 Double Chainring For optimal performance from your M8000 crankset, use only authentic Shimano chainrings. Shimano's new M8000 3D composite chainrings are precisely engineered for specific 2x11 chainwheel load, improving chain retention, shifting and prolonging the life of the chainring making Shimano chainrings the superior choice for all conditions. Choose the correct chainrings for your application. Shimano chainrings are engineered to work as a pairin a specific gear ...


Shimano | XT M782 Chainring 30T, 96mm | Aluminum

$42.99 44% off $77.00 msrp

Shimano XT M782 Chainring To get optimal performance from your M782 crankset, use only authentic Shimano Dyna-Sys chainrings. The drilled steel and carbon composite middle, thicker aluminum, double anodized 40T, and plated aluminum 22T rings provide superior rigidity and durability. Patented shift pins will ensure smooth and fast shifts even under load. You can also use these chainrings as a sweet upgrade for the SLX M672 crankset. To further enhance your riding experience and ensure ...


Shimano | XT Fc-M785 10 Speed Chainring 38T, 104mm, 10SPD, Ak-Type, Outer Ring

$51.99 38% off $85.00 msrp

Shimano XT M785 Chainrings Though it may contain one less speed than its newborn brothers, Shimano's M785 2x10 cranksets are still highly used today and continues the XT tradition of reliable lightweight performance at an amazing price. It utilizes many of the same technologies as its bigger brother, XTR to provide outstanding power transfer and smooth shifting. The best part is you can easily replace or reconfigure your gear setup by using these for the ...


Shimano | XT Fc-M770 10 Speed Chainring | Black | 104mm, 32 Tooth

$28.99 34% off $44.00 msrp

Shimano XT Fc-M770 10 Speed ChainringThese are replacement chainrings for the Shimano XT M770-series Dyna-Sys 3x10 crankset. The Shimano XT M770 Chainring has a 4 bolt and 64/104mm BCD pattern. The chainring is available in a 24T, 32T, or 42T size. FeaturesShimanos Dyna-Sys 3x10 drivetrain42, 32 or 24T64 BCD for the 24T104 BCD for the 32 or 42TGenuine Shimano chainrings | Shimano | XT Fc-M770 10 Speed Chainring | Black | 104mm, 32 Tooth


Wolf Tooth Components | 96 mm BCD Chainrings for XT M8000 & SLX M7000 36Tx96mm Bcd Shimano M8000 XT/M7000 SLX | Aluminum


Wolf Tooth Shimano M8000 XT Chain Ring If you've been pondering a new 1X chainring to bolster the performance of your XT crankset, the Wolf Tooth M8000 Chainring just might be worth a look. The Wolf Tooth 96mm BCD chainring is compatible with the Shimano XT M8000 MT700 1x or 2x cranks exclusively. They have an asymmetrical 96 mm BCD with built-in threaded standoffs to provide the perfect 1X chainline. Conveniently, the chainring can be ...


Wolf Tooth Components | Oval 96 mm BCD Chainring for XT M8000 & SLX M7000 32T for Shimano Xtm8000/Slxm7000 | Aluminum


wolf tooth powertrac chainring 96 BCD The Wolf Tooth Powertrac Chainring works with your biomechanics to achieve optimal efficiency and power with every pedal stroke. Not only will you gain more power, but you will also benefit from greater traction, and less shifting. Wolf Tooth's proprietary design is less ovalized than its competitors, eliminating the funky, uneven pedaling sensation while delivering the optimum pedal stroke. Just like Wolf Tooth's other single speed chainrings, the ...