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Silca | Viaggio Travel Pump Pump


Silca Viaggio Travel PumpThe Silca Viaggio Travel Pump is a highly refined collapsible floor pump with a Bluetooth® enabled pressure gauge accurate to 1% along with SILCA’s award-winning HIRO chuck. I incorporates the stability and ergonomics of a full-sized floor pump combined with a highly accurate and easily readable gauge solution. The pump folds down into a waxed-canvas tool roll for easy transport, making it perfect for uncompromising cyclist seeking a highly portable and ...


Silca | Tattico Bluetooth Mini Pump Bluetooth, with Bottle Cage Mount &


SILCA TATTICO BLUETOOTH MINI PUMPBLUETOOTH CAPABILITIES TO SHOW PRESSUREWhen you're out riding your bike and get a flat, you should have a pump with you so you can inflate your new inner tube. The Silca Tattico Bluetooth Mini Pump is a pump that has Bluetooth capabilities so you can link it to your smartphone and the iGauge app for accurate pressure readings. It has a 6061 alloy barrel and gripping surfaces, a high-efficiency piston design, ...


Silca | Impero Ultimate Frame Pump | Black | Small, 44-47cm


SILCA IMPERO ULTIMATE FRAME PUMPNothing is worse than going out for a fun ride, getting a flat, and not having a way to inflate your new inner tube. Having a pump at home is important to ensure your tires are properly pumped up before you go out for a ride, but having a pump on your bike while you're riding will help when it comes to flat tires. The Silca Impero Ultimate Frame Pump is ...


Silca | Superpista Digital Floor Pump | Black | Digital Gauge


SILCA SUPERPISTA DIGITAL FLOOR PUMPSUPERPISTA, SAVING RIDERS FROM LOW PRESSURESBefore you go out riding, you should always make sure you have your tires pumped up properly. Improperly inflated tires can lead to increased flats and can also cause poor performance. Having a floor pump will ensure your tire are always pumped up properly before each ride. The Silca SuperPista Digital Floor Pump is a high-quality pump that is loaded with features like a high-mount, 1% ...


Silca | Pista Floor Pump | Red | Steel Barrel, | Red | Gauge


SILCA PISTA FLOOR PUMPFULL OF PISTA AND VINEGARKeeping your tires pumped up properly is incredibly important when it comes to your bike's performance. Tires that aren't pumped up won't roll as smoothly as tires that are properly inflated. The Silca Pista Floor Pump is a high-performance pump that has a durable, high strength steel barrel and an ash wood handle with hose guides. It features a high-efficiency Silca leather plunger piston design and a brass ...


Silca | Super Pista Ultimate Floor Pump | Brushed Silver | 60Psi Low Pressure


SILCA SUPER PISTA ULTIMATE FLOOR PUMPTHE ULTIMATE OF THE SUPER PISTASIf your tires on your bike are flat, don't get pissed, get Pista. Having a floor pump will help ensure your tires will always stay at the optimal pressure before you go out riding. The Silca Super Pista Ultimate Floor Pump is a full stainless steel, aluminum, wood, and brass constructed pump. There's no plastic to see here. It features ergonomic Purpleheart wood and investment ...


Silca | Pista Plus Floor Pump Charcoal


SILCA PISTA PLUS FLOOR PUMPFULL OF PISTA AND VINEGARHaving your tires pumped up properly before you go riding in highly important. When your tires are pumped up properly, your bike will perform optimally. It is best to keep your tires pumped with before your ride with a floor pump and has a gauge. The Silca Pista Plus Floor Pump is built robustly to outlast all your other cycling gear. It has a durable steel barrel, ...


Silca | Leather Plunger Washer 30mm, #741


Silca Leather Plunger WasherReplacement Silca Leather Plunger Washer for Super Pista models. 28mm #731, Pre-200830mm #741, Post-2008 | Silca | Leather Plunger Washer 30mm, #741


Prestacycle | Quick Click 2 Presta Head Prestaflator Quick-Click 2 Presta Head


PRESTACYCLE QUICK CLICK 2 PRESTA HEADQUICK TO CLICKInflation is a very important thing that needs to be done before every ride. If your tires aren't properly inflated, then it can result in lower performance and increased chances of flatting. The PrestaCycle Quick Click 2 Presta Head is designed with a shorter angle which allows room to fit into a wider variety of wheels. It includes the improved Mini Presta Head Gasket which is softer, more ...