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Silver 203 Mm Rotor


Shimano | Xt Sm-Rt76 6 Bolt Rotor 6 Bolt, 160Mm


Shimano SM-RT76 Deore XT 6 Bolt Rotor The Shimano SM-RT76 Deore XT brings 2-piece rotor construction to the masses with an innovative design trickled down from XTR. The two-piece rotor is lighter, stays cooler, and resists warping better than previous versions. The SM-RT76's aluminum spider saves weight, dissipates heat like a champ, and increases overall stiffness while the steel construction rotor resists wear for the long haul. A cooler rotor means better braking performance and ...


Hayes | D-Series 6-Bolt Rotor 180Mm


Hayes D-Series 6-Bolt Rotor The Hayes D-series of rotors are compatible with the new Hayes Dominion disc brakes. The rotors features a standard 6-bolt pattern and comes in either 180mm or 203mm size options. If you just bought a new Dominion brake or just had a crash that damaged your current rotor, it's time to pick up a new rotor. Features6-bolt design180mm or 203mm options available Compatible with Hayes Dominion brakes | Hayes | D-Series ...


Magura | Storm Cl Disc Brake Rotor 203Mm


Magura Storm CL Disc Brake Rotor Changing out your brakes rotors can significantly improve your bikes braking performance. The Magura Storm CL Disc Brake Rotor is compatible with Magura’s complete MT-family of brakes and features a center lock design. These rotors are available in 160mm, 180mm and 203mm sizes. Features Compatible with complete MT-Family Center Lock with lock ring Lightweight194 grams (160mm) | Magura | Storm Cl Disc Brake Rotor 203Mm


Magura | Mdr-C Rotor 160Mm 6 Bolt

$37.30 9% off $41.44 msrp

MAGURA MDR-C ROTOROPTIMIZED FOR E-BIKESMany riders who use disc brakes don't realize that the type of rotors you use has an impact on your braking performance. With the rise of E-bikes comes the rise of e-bike-specific components. The Magura MDR-C Rotor is the all-rounder in the Magura E-bike optimized portfolio. It is perfect for city, trail, and E-bike use. It has a 6-hole mounting that reduces vibration during braking and reduces the noise. Features Optimized ...


Galfer | Disc Shark Rotors 180Mm


Galfer Disc Shark Rotors Ready To Bite If you're FINished with disc brake rotors that aren't ready for the most demanding terrain out there, then you're in the right place. The Galfer Disc Shark Rotors are ready to take a bite out of the trails. They are made from a proprietary mix of virgin high carbon 420 stainless steel and are laser cut. These rotors can seamlessly replace your stock rotors for exceptional performance. Features ...