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Chromag Scarab Platform Pedals Silver, 9/16"

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Chromag Scarab Platform PedalWhether you're a park-rat or spend the weekends shredding the secret spot, the Chromag Scarab offers more room to rip! At 110 x 105mm, the Chromag Scarab offers one of the most spacious platforms available, while its slim profile and chamfered corners keep clearance ample. Chromag's proprietary extrusion and machined design sculpts an ultra thin, true dished profile that is only 13mm at the platforms center and weighs a mere 215 grams ...


Shimano PD-M540 SPD Bike Pedals Silver, Pair W/Cleats


Shimano PD-M540 Pedals Inspired by the top of the line XTR racing pedals, the M540 offers a similar sculpted body and minimalist axle design. The open body sheds mud easily and yields easy cleat entry and exit in all types of riding conditions. SPD® binding mechanisms on both sides of the pedal make entry fast and easy without the need for pedal flipping. Adjustable release tension lets you dial in the binding mechanism. This is ...


ISSI Trail 1 Mountain Bike Pedals Silver Dollar


Issi Trail I PedalA wider platform provides solid pedal contact and mechanism protection for the rigors of cross-country and all-mountain riding—the iSSi Trail pedal provides the rider with more control and more confidence when the terrain gets tough.FeaturesChromoly spindle, ED-coated8mm hex broachSPD CompatibleBlack chrome hardwareAdjustable spring tension4º cleat floatCompatible with two-bolt style shoesTwo-sided clipless pedal | ISSI Trail 1 Mountain Bike Pedals Silver Dollar


ISSI Flash 1 Mountain Bike Pedals Silver Dollar


Issi Flash 1 PedalThe iSSi Flash I is a do everything, minimalist pedal designed tough for the MTB trail and comfortable enough for all day road rides. This dual bushing spindle option spins smoothly while keeping the Flash I budget friendly. From new-to-clipless pedal riders to experienced riders, the Flash I does it all.FeaturesChromoly spindle, ED-coated 8mm hex broachSPD-compatible black chrome hardwareAdjustable spring tension4º cleat floatCompatible with two-bolt style shoesDouble ...


ISSI II Mountain Bike Pedals Silver


Issi II Pedal Meet iSSi. The iSSi II Pedal features a smooth rolling interface in SPD format, with a wide array of flashy colors, and you can even specify the spindle length in the black colorway. This original pedal by iSSi has a minimalist aluminum pedal body and cromoly spindle, with a bushing and sealed bearing combination for low-maintenance durability. The additional spindle lengths add another +6mm or +12mm to the otherwise 52.2mm spindle length. ...


Shimano PD-GR500 Flat Pedals Black


Shimano PD-GR500 Flat PedalsThe Shimano PD-GR500 Flat Pedals are an affordable, multi-purpose option for anyone looking to get out and go with what you have on. Featuring height-adjustable pins, sealed cartridge bearing, and chromoly axle. This flat pedal is essentially the affordable version of the popular Saint flat pedal. No special shoe clipless pedal combos to worry about here. Get on and go, whether that's the local bike park or your commute to work.For more ...


Ht Components T1 Clipless Bike Pedals Royal Blue


HT Components T1 PedalsAn all-out All-Mountain pedalHT has designed their line of high end pedals in response to the market looking for an alternative. Something light, full of features and durable. The HT T1 checks all those boxes. A low profile extruded and CNC machined aluminum cage with four replaceable pins, spins on new EVO+ bearings and a Cr-mo spindle. The cleat retention system is adjustable, offers 4 degrees of float and fits HT cleats ...


Chromag Chris Kovarik Dagga Pedals PURPLE


Chromag Chris Kovarik Dagga PedalsLargest Q-Factor, largest body, and largest amount of pins!At Eurobike 2018, Chromag introduced their new DH-specific flat pedal, the Dagga. Desinged hand in hand with Australian DH legend Chris Kovarik, the pedal features an enormous 120mm x 115mm platform, a wide stance, and 12-pins per side. As always, this Chromag pedal spins around a robust chromoly axle using high quality sealed bearings and bushings. The Coastal BC based company created the ...


iSSi Stomp Pedals Plum, 9/16", 120 x 95 x 18mm


iSSi Stomp PedalsGet stompin’Durability, grip and pedal profile are three important characteristics that are sought after when on the market for a new platform pedal. With the iSSi Stomp Pedal you get all three of those performance features in a stylish package. The Stomp pedals use 11 replaceable traction pins per side and are able to be flipped for your desired pin length. The full chromoly spindle and sealed bearings provide durability and ensure dust ...


Shimano XT Touring PD-T8000 SPD Pedals W Relfector, W Cleat SM-SH56


shimano pd-t8000 deore xt spd pedal The Shimano PD-T8000 Deore XT SPD Pedals provide you with the high quality and reliability you need for touring and commuting. They offer a flat platform on one side with a concave cleat clearance and the SPD on the other, offering unmatched versatility. the platform side features high-grip pins for extra grip and prevent your shoes from slipping off the pedal. You can adjust your tension settings on the ...