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Wheels Manufacturing | Bb30 Bearing Kit | Silver | Bb30 And Clips


Wheels Manufacturing BB30 Bearing Kit This kit replaces worn bearings in BB30 bikes/frames or allows you to setup a new BB30 frame with the required circlips and bearings from scratch. Dimensions: OD: 42mm / ID: 30mm / Width: 7mm Direct replacement bearing for BB30 OEM systems ABEC-3 rated bearing with 5/32 Grade 20 balls, the largest in the industry12% increase in static load rating compared to standard 6806 bearings Dual lip, groove type seals keep ...


Industry Nine | Hydra Hub Bearings Front Bearing Kit


INDUSTRY NINE HYDRA HUB BEARINGSKEEPS YOUR HUBS ROLLINGIf you have moving parts on your bike, chances are they are going to wear out eventually. Things like chains, chainrings, and bearings have to be replaced with regular use. The Industry Nine Hydra Hub Bearings are designed to work with the Industry Nine Hydra Hubs. There are several variants to the hub, so make sure you get the proper bearings to work with you hub. The 6-bolt ...


Dt Swiss | 6902 Bearing 6902


DT Swiss 6902 Bearing Bear With Me With regular use, your moving parts will begin to wear out. Things like your chain, derailleur pulleys, brake pads, and even your bearings will need to be replaced. Luckily these parts are easy to find. The DT Swiss 6902 Bearing is designed for use with DT Swiss hubs. It features an inner diameter of 15mm, an outer diameter of 28mm, and a thickness of 7mm. Features Designed for ...


Cane Creek | 40 Series Headset Bearing Kit 41Mm / 52Mm 36X45


Cane Creek 40 Series Headset Bearing Kit Crunchy grimy or worn out bearings in that Cane Creek 40 Headset? Refresh and renew with a set of cartridge bearings featuring a durable construction. Features41mm upper, 52mm lower, 36x45Compatible with 110-, 40-, and 10-Series headsets Sold in pairs | Cane Creek | 40 Series Headset Bearing Kit 41Mm / 52Mm 36X45


Cane Creek | 40-Series Cartridge Bearing Zn40 41.8Mm Headset Bearing


Cane Creek 40-Series Cartridge Bearing A grimy headset is an easy way to make your otherwise dialed bike feel terrible. If you have a less than perfect Cane Creek 40 Headset, do yourself a favor and buy some replacement bearings. Make your ride feel like new without dropping the major bucks for a new headset. The bearing is sold as an individual item, no other replacement headset pieces are included. Features Size:ZN40 41. 8mm Black ...


Easton | M1 Bearing And Spacer Kit Bearing Kit For M1 Hubs - #8004010


Easton M1 Bearing and Spacer Kit Replacement bearings and spacer to improve bearing durability. Fits in M1-121, M1-221, and M1-321hubs. Does not fit M1-120 or M1-220 hubs. Cassette Type: No | Easton | M1 Bearing And Spacer Kit Bearing Kit For M1 Hubs - #8004010


Wolf Tooth Components | Headset Bearing 41Mm 36X45 Fits 1 1/8


Wolf Tooth Headset Bearing Replace the bearings in your Wolf Tooth headset and enjoy precise steering and control. The Wolf Tooth Headset Bearing is made from stainless steel for durability and premium corrosion resistance. This bearing fits 1-1/8” steerer tubes and has a 41mm outer diameter. Features Made from Stainless-steel 41mm outer diameter Cartridge Bearing Angle: 36x45 Fits 1-1/8" steerer tubes Manufacturer’s part number WTSSBRG-41 | Wolf Tooth Components | Headset Bearing 41Mm ...


Dt Swiss | 6802 Bearing 6802


DT Swiss 6802 Bearing Doing your own maintenance and repairs can save you a lot of money and Jenson USA has the parts you need. The DT Swiss 6802 Bearing is compatible with most DT Swiss 240s rear hubs and is an exact replacement for the non-driveside hub bearing. Features Inner diameter 15mm Outer diameter 24mm Thickness 5mm Compatible with only DT Swiss 240s rear hubs Replacement bearing for non-driveside DT Swiss 240s rear hub ...


Wheels Manufacturing | Bsa Road 68Mm Bottom Bracket Gray, Sram Gxp, Angular Contact Bearing


Wheels Manufacturing BSA Road 68mm Bottom Bracket Just because you've got a threaded bottom bracket shell, it doesn't mean you can't have an awesome bottom bracket. The Wheels MFG BSA Road 68mm Bottom Bracket probably works for you. You get a CNC-machined aluminum shell for precise bearing alignment and frame fit. No creaking here! Inside are replaceable Enduro bearings. That's what all those PRO Tour teams are running. You also get replacement dust covers and ...