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Avid | Fr-5 Brake Levers | Silver | Black

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Avid FR-5 Brake Levers Hit The Brakes Avid's FR-5 Brake Lever is designed to work seamlessly with Avid mechanical disc brakes, as well as other linear-pull rim brakes. It's the most affordable way to add Avid quality and compatibility to your disc or rim brake system. It features a reach adjuster and a "Bend Zone" lever blade for easy replacement in case of crash damage. They are sold in pairs with a left and right ...


Tektro | Rl340 Ergo Brake Levers Black/silv, Ergo | Aluminum


TEKTRO RL340 ERGO BRAKE LEVERSThese Tektro RL340 Ergo Brake Levers are sold as a set and feature a lightweight design that will feel very comfortable in your hands. These short pull levers are ideal for road bikes that don't need combination brake/shift levers. If you're riding on a single-speed bike, then this will be a perfect addition to your ride. Features Ergonomic lever design for comfortable braking performance Quick-release mechanism built into the levers Short ...


Tektro | Rl520 Ergo Brake Levers Black/black


TEKTRO RL520 ERGO BRAKE LEVERSBRAKE IT DOWN NOWIf you ride a single-speed bike with drop bars and are in need of some brake levers, then you're in luck. The Tektro RL520 Ergo Brake Levers are designed to work with V-brakes and have a long-pull cable actuation. They accept road brake cables and feature a push-button quick release. At only 136 grams per lever, you'll hardly even notice they're on your bike. FEATURESLong cable pull for ...


Shimano | Tiagra/sora Bl-R400 Brake Levers Left And Right Set | Aluminum


The Shimano R400 Drop Bar Brake Lever Set features internal return springs. Features and Information Internal return springs Item Specifications Color Silver/Black Brake Lever Actuation Short Pull Weight 129 g | Shimano | Tiagra/sora Bl-R400 Brake Levers Left And Right Set | Aluminum