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Shimano | Sm-Rt64 Brake Rotor W/ Lock Ring 160Mm


SHIMANO SM-RT64 BRAKE ROTOR W/ LOCK RINGCONSISTENT BRAKING PERFORMANCEThe Shimano SM-RT64 Brake Rotor w/ Lock Ring delivers powerful and consistent braking performance in all riding conditions. It utilizes a center lock mounting system, making the rotor install and removal process quick and easy. Compatibility with both resin and metal pads allows you to run your favorite brake setup. Features Compatible with both resin and metal pads Compatible with Shimano brake calipers Delivers powerful ...


Sram | Centerline Xr Rotor 140Mm, Centerlock

$94.99 15% off $113.00 msrp

SRAM Centerline XR Rotor The SRAM Centerline XR Rotor provides unparalleled cooling capacity and high-powered braking functionality. Exceptional heat management is provided by strategic vents across the braking surface. This provides better braking consistency and modulation. The 12-spoke design of the rotor also prevents warping and lateral bending. The rotor is available in 6-bolt or Centerlock configuration and comes with stainless steel rotor bolts. Features Dual material rotor is ...


Shimano | Sm-Rt54 Centerlock Rotor 180Mm, Centerlock, With Lockring


Shimano RT54M Centerlock Rotor The Shimano RT54 center lock disc rotors are the perfect rotors to replace your old worn out ones. The RT54m includes a standard type rotor lockring. Please note: This rotor is for use with resin pads only. Includes standard rotor lock ring Requires SM-HB20 external type rotor lockring when installing onto 15/20mm axle hub | Shimano | Sm-Rt54 Centerlock Rotor 180Mm, Centerlock, With Lockring


Magura | Storm Hc Rotor 203


Magura Storm HC Rotor Magura established itself early on as a pioneer of hydraulic brakes for bikes. Since introducing their first hydraulic disc brake in 1987, Magura has continued to evolve as a company, refining products year after year with the kind of German precision that continues to raise the bar. The newest Magura Storm HC rotor utilizes a 2. 0mm thickness for optimum performance and features enhanced cooling performance in various conditions resulting in ...


Galfer | Disc Shark Rotors 223Mm


Galfer Disc Shark Rotors Ready To Bite If you're FINished with disc brake rotors that aren't ready for the most demanding terrain out there, then you're in the right place. The Galfer Disc Shark Rotors are ready to take a bite out of the trails. They are made from a proprietary mix of virgin high carbon 420 stainless steel and are laser cut. These rotors can seamlessly replace your stock rotors for exceptional performance. Features ...


Hayes | D-Series 6-Bolt Rotor 203Mm


Hayes D-Series 6-Bolt Rotor The Hayes D-series of rotors are compatible with the new Hayes Dominion disc brakes. The rotors features a standard 6-bolt pattern and comes in either 180mm or 203mm size options. If you just bought a new Dominion brake or just had a crash that damaged your current rotor, it's time to pick up a new rotor. Features6-bolt design180mm or 203mm options available Compatible with Hayes Dominion brakes | Hayes | D-Series ...


Avid | G2 Clean Sweep Rotor 160Mm


Avid G2 Clean Sweep Rotor Replacement rotor for Avid ball bearing disc brakes. Special manufacturing process resists warping and provides optimum braking. Avids unique design ensures the entire brake pad contacts the rotor, preventing uneven pad wear. . Choose 160mm for cross country, normal use, 185mm for more powerful braking for heavier and/or more aggresive riders, and 205mm for maximum braking more braking power on downhill bikes and other extreme uses. Features Weight: 111g ...


Shimano | Rt-Mt900 Centerlock Disc Rotor 160Mm


SHIMANO RT-MT900 CENTERLOCK DISC ROTORThe Shimano MT900 XTR Centerlock rotor is the pinnacle of Shimano's ICE Technology development. First featured in Pro Downhill mountain bike racing, the line has been expanded to include all sizes of rotors so other disciplines can also enjoy the benefits of this top-of-the-line brake technology. The MT900 features Ice-Tech technology which is Shimano’s best-in-category heat management system. Brake heat from long descents sucks power from your brakes, ...


Sram | G3 Clean Sweep Rotor - No Packaging | Silver | 160Mm, 6-Bolt, No Packaging


Avid/SRAM G3 Clean Sweep Brake Rotor - No Packaging The Avid G3 Clean Sweep Brake Rotor is the perfect rotor for use with your Avid BB5 or BB7 brakes, as well as most other mechanical or hydraulic braking systems. The design of the G3 Clean Sweep rotor helps to shed mud and trail grime, improving braking function and increasing performance. In addition to shedding grime, the G3 Clean Sweep’s machined slots improve heat dissipation, which ...


Avid | Sram Centerline X Center-Lock Rotor 180Mm, Rounded Edge

$59.99 25% off $80.00 msrp

Sram Centerline Center-Lock Rotor The new SRAM Centerline Rotor was designed to keep the center of friction consistent throughout rotation, thereby minimizing vibration and offering consistent performance and a quiet ride. Take advantage of the latest in SRAM disc brake rotor technology with the SRAM Centerline Rotor. Cutting edge 2 piece design maximizes performance Available sizes: 140mm, 160mm, and 180mm Locking ring not included Not intended for intense use Weight: 117g (160mmm) | Avid ...


Magura | Mdr-C Centerlock Rotor 203Mm Centerlock

$43.90 20% off $54.88 msrp

Magura MDR-C Centerlock Rotor Precisely-Engineered When it comes to powerful, controllable braking, it all starts with the rotor. The Magura MDR-C Centerlock Rotor is specifically engineered to maximize the power and performance of your Magura MT-series brake systems. These rotors are designed for smooth braking, with the stiffness and rigidity you need for aggressive braking with reduced shudder. These e-bike-optimized rotors are up for the challenge of demanding braking and can be used on ...


Magura | Mdr-C Rotor 180Mm, Comfort

$33.15 20% off $41.44 msrp

MAGURA MDR-C ROTOROPTIMIZED FOR E-BIKESMany riders who use disc brakes don't realize that the type of rotors you use has an impact on your braking performance. With the rise of E-bikes comes the rise of e-bike-specific components. The Magura MDR-C Rotor is the all-rounder in the Magura E-bike optimized portfolio. It is perfect for city, trail, and E-bike use. It has a 6-hole mounting that reduces vibration during braking and reduces the noise. Features Optimized ...


Magura | Storm Sl 2 Rotor 160Mm


MAGURA STORM SL 2 ROTORDesigned for the rider who values lightweight components, the Magura Storm SL 2 rotors are some of the lightest weight rotors on the market. At only 100 grams for the 160mm and 118 grams for the 180mm, this will perfectly pair with any cross-country style bike. Even though they're incredibly lightweight, they still provide exceptional brake power and performance. Features Lightweight at only 100 grams for the 160mm and 118 for ...


Hayes | V-Series Rotor 203Mm, 8" Rotor W/ Bolts


Hayes new V-Cut rotor design delivers better weight-to-performance then previous designs. It features increased surface area (that means more powerful braking!) and drillings/cutouts to help keep pads clean. Item includes rotor, Torx wrench, and mounting bolts. This item fits 6-bolt IS disc hubs. 6" rotor: 116g8" rotor: 200g | Hayes | V-Series Rotor 203Mm, 8" Rotor W/ Bolts


Tektro | Lyra Light Rotor 160Mm


Tektro Lyra Light Rotor Replacement rotors for use with Tektro disc brakes. Includes rotor bolts | Tektro | Lyra Light Rotor 160Mm