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Surly Stainless Steel Chainring Silver, 104mm, 32 Tooth, 4-Bolt


Surly Stainless Steel ChainringSurly's Stainless Steel Chainrings are perfect for singlespeeds, fixed gears or riders simply wanting a stronger, stiffer, prettier chainring. Although they are slightly heavier than alloy chainrings, they are considerably more resilient to impact and will last over twice as long as alloy chainrings. Also, once worn in one direction, their symmetrical design allows them to be flipped for double the lifespan, making them more economical than alloy rings! These ...


Sugino 130 Bcd Chainring Silver, 130mm, 52T, Outer


Sugino 130 BCD Chainring Looking to customize your gearing options or replace an older chainring? These premium Sugino rings are perfect for traditional 5-bolt 130mm BCD cranksets. They aren't ramped or pinned, so shifting will be a little slower, but you gain the ability to run any combination of inner and outer rings to customize your gearing to your liking. These rings are compatible with any multi-speed chain, however they perform best with 8 and ...


Sugino Standard Chainring Silver, 110mm, 42 Tooth


Sugino Standard Chainring Sugino Standard Chainrings are the gold standard of high-quality, no-frills chainrings for your crankset! Machined from high quality aluminum, they will last thousands of miles and look good doing it. Improve your gearing to customize for your local terrain, or use as replacements for worn-out chainrings. These rings are unramped and unpinned, so they will shift a little slower than a ramped chainring, but allow you to mix and match different chainrings ...


Shimano Deore Fc-M532 9-Speed Chainring Silver, 32T

$22.99 42% off $39.99 msrp

Shimano Deore FC-M532 9-Speed Chainring Shimano Deore FC-M533 chainrings for replacing inner, middle or outer chainrings are offered for 9 speed drivetrains. Chainrings from Shimano Hollowtech II and Octalink MTB cranks have different length tabs and are not interchangeable. Outter Ring: 44 and 48T (4 bolt / 104 BCD) Middle Ring: 32 and 36T (4 bolt / 104 BCD ) Inner Ring: 22T (4 bolt / 64 BCD) | Shimano Deore Fc-M532 9-Speed Chainring Silver, ...


Shimano Dura-Ace Fc-7800 10SP Chainring Silver, 130mm, 53Tooth, B-Type

$74.99 39% off $123.99 msrp

Shimano Dura-Ace 7800 double and FC7803 triple chainrings Features and Information For best shifting performance, A-type rings should be used only with A-type rings, and Btype rings only with B-type rings 2014 aluminum Use with 1/2" x 3/32" chain Item Specifications Color Silver Material 2014 Aluminum | Shimano Dura-Ace Fc-7800 10SP Chainring Silver, 130mm, 53Tooth, B-Type


Shimano Ultegra 6750 110mm Chainring Silver, 50 Tooth

$99.99 21% off $126.99 msrp

The Shimano Ultegra 6700 Chainrings have a 110mm bolt center diameter and come in 50T and 34T. Replace your compact rings on your compact crank (110mm BCD) when needed. BCD: 110mm 50T or 34T Shimano/SRAM compatible Aluminum | Shimano Ultegra 6750 110mm Chainring Silver, 50 Tooth


Shimano Dura-Ace Fc-7800 10SP Chainring Silver, Fc7800 39 Tooth 130mm, B-Type

$54.39 20% off $68.00 msrp

SHIMANO DURA-ACE FC-7800 10-SPEED CHAINRINGMuch like all the moving parts on your bike, your chainrings will wear out eventually with regular use. While you can easily get thousands of miles out of your chainrings, you'll have to replace them to keep your bike shifting and performing optimally. The Shimano Dura-Ace FC-7800 10-Speed Chainring is a replacement chainring for Dura-Ace FC-7800 cranksets. It is designed to work with 10-speed drivetrains and is not compatible with ...


E*Thirteen Guidering Standard Chainring Black/Silver, 30

$46.70 15% off $54.95 msrp

E*Thirteen M Direct Mount Chainring The Guidering M is e*thirteen's take on 1x drivetrain living. Constructed from hardwearing EXA aluminum, the M Profile Direct Mount Guidering is optimized for all chainguide systems in order to prevent chain jamming, while the Dual width "M" (narrow/wide) tooth engages the chain securely even at extreme angles to prevent chain drops on even the most unforgiving trails. While the Guidering works wonders in preventing dropped chains, for the most ...


Shimano Ultegra Fc-6600 10SP Chainring Grey, 130mm, 53 Tooth, 10 SPD

$55.99 27% off $77.00 msrp

Shimano Ultegra chain rings are made from high quality aluminum and feature specialized pins and ramps for smooth, reliable shifting. Aluminum construction 130mm BCD For 10spd drivetrains | Shimano Ultegra Fc-6600 10SP Chainring Grey, 130mm, 53 Tooth, 10 SPD


Shimano XT M785 10 Speed Chainring 24T, 64Bcd, 10SPD, AM-Type, Inner Ring

$47.99 33% off $72.36 msrp

Shimano XT M785 Chainring These are replacement chainrings for the Shimano XT M785-series Dyna-Sys 2x10 crankset. The Shimano XT M785 Chainring uses a 4-bolt 104/64 BCD pattern. These rings are for the AM 38/24T chainring configuration. Shimano recommends this ratio for superior shifting. For use with Shimano 10 speed drivetrains only 24T uses a 64 BCD (Y1ML24000) 38T uses a 104 BCD (Y1ML98040) | Shimano XT M785 10 Speed Chainring 24T, 64Bcd, 10SPD, AM-Type, Inner ...


Shimano Dura-Ace Fc-R9000 Chainring 55T 110mm 11SPD Chainring for 55/42T

$209.99 27% off $288.08 msrp

Shimano Dura-Ace FC-9000 Chainring The Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 Chainring fits the new 9000 series Dura-Ace crankset which utilizes a 4 arm x-shaped spider and a 110 bolt circle diameter. Shimano makes the 5th arm disappear, shaving some weight, yet still produced the stiffest ring to date. The gain in stiffness comes from Shimano's Hollowglide Technology and integrated chainring nuts make replacement a very simple task. Chainrings are designed to work together as a set. For ...


Shimano Ultegra Fc-6703 Chainring 30T 92mm 10SPD Triple Inner Ring

$12.99 35% off $19.99 msrp

Shimano Ultegra 6703 Chainrings The Ultegra 6703 Chainrings are designed specifically for the Ultegra 6700 series cranksets. They have a 130mm BCD on the outer and middle ring. The small ring is 92mm. Replace those worn out or bent components and get pedaling on some fresh rings. Features: 5 Bolt Pattern Small ring: 92mm BCD Middle / Outer ring: 130mm Outer ring is specific to the 6700-series cranksets Color: Silver Material: Aluminum Teeth: 30T, 39T, ...


Shimano XT Fc-M770 9 Speed Chainring 22T, Aluminum, 64mm Bcd

$59.99 31% off $87.99 msrp

Shimano XT M770 Series Chainring Replacement chainrings for the Shimano XT M770-series crankset. 4 bolt, 64/104mm BCD pattern. Sold singly. Order all 3 if you need rings for one bicycle Shift assist pins help ensure smooth shifting, even under load | Shimano XT Fc-M770 9 Speed Chainring 22T, Aluminum, 64mm Bcd


SRAM Red Yaw 10 Speed Chainring Yaw 39T 130 Chainring


SRAM Red Yaw 10 Speed Chainring Whether you're keen on keeping your drivetrain running clean and smooth by changing out worn rings, or prepping a new gear arrangement for the weekend's ride, the SRAM Red Yaw Chainrings are strategically machined and bead blasted from 7000 series aluminum to feature specific upshift and downshift tooth profiles for quicker, more precise shifting when using one of SRAM's innovative Yaw front derailleurs. Features & Specs: Compatible with the ...


Shimano SLX M660 10 SPD Chainring 32T, B-Type

$21.99 40% off $36.99 msrp

Shimano SLX M660 10 SPD ChainringShimano SLX M660 10-Speed chainrings are a direct replacement for your 10-Speed Shimano Dyna-Sys chainrings. The inner ring features a 64mm BCD and the middle and outer rings are 104mm BCD. All three rings have a 4 bolt pattern.Features10 Speed DynaSys32T 104BCD Middle Chainring | Shimano SLX M660 10 SPD Chainring 32T, B-Type