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Jagwire | Derailleur Cable, 3100Mm Slick Galvanized, Shimano/campy, Dbl End


Jagwire Derailleur Cable Don't waste your time with cheap cables! Shifting performance is best when installed correctly with the best quality cables. Jagwire's premium-quality derailleur cables come in Teflon-Coated, Stainless or Galvanized options. Choose the option that matches your components. All cables are 3100mm long. Features Compatible with all standard derailleur shifting components Galvanized (zinc coated) for best value, Stainless for best longevity and general use, Rust-Proof ...


Jagwire | Derailleur Cable, 2300Mm Stainless, 2300Mm, Shimano Head


Jagwire Derailleur Wire Coming Down To The Wire Shifting cables will need to be replaced after a while. So make sure you get a fresh set of cables in your bike to keep it running smoothly. Keep the rig shifting smooth with a fresh Jagewire Derailleur cable. Choose from an economical galvanized option or the more weather-resistant stainless steel. Features:2300mm length Available in galvanized or stainless options Shimano/SRAM or Campy compatible options | Jagwire | ...


Jagwire | Pro Polished Derailleur Cable 1.1X2300Mm, Campagnolo, Slick Stainless


JAGWIRE PRO POLISHED DERAILLEUR CABLEPOLISHED LIKE A PROThe type of cables you use on your bike will have a significant impact on your shifting and braking performance. Higher-end cables have a smoother feel for friction-free actuation. The Jagwire Pro Polished Derailleur Cable eliminates the need for flaky coatings with an innovative polishing process to reduce friction and improve performance. It is compatible with all performance housing and lubes. Features Polished stainless steel ...


Jagwire | Sport Derailleur Cable, Tandem Stainless, 4445Mm, Shimano Head


Jagwire Slick Derailleur Cables are slick wires that are die-extruded and pre-stretched for smooth operation. Single-ended wires feature a weld-cut for ease of installation Unit of Sale: Each Width: 1. 1 mm | Jagwire | Sport Derailleur Cable, Tandem Stainless, 4445Mm, Shimano Head