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Shimano | CN-HG701 QL 11 Speed Chain 11 Speed, 126 Links, Quick Link

$34.99 16% off $41.99 msrp

Shimano CN-HG701 QL 11 Speed ChainThe Shimano CN-HG701 QL 11 Speed Chain is a super Narrow - HYPERGLIDE - SIL-TEC -E-BIKE Chain that is E-bike compatible. The HG701-11 chain is directional and features SIL-TEC treatment on the roller link plate and pin link plate for increased durability. Th Shimano CN-HG701 QL 11 Speed Chain is compatible with 11-speed road, MTB, and E-BIKES thanks to its reinforced design. It’s also more efficient and silent with less ...


SRAM | Eagle PowerLock Link for 12-Speed Chain | Silver | 4 Pack

$12.99 23% off $17.00 msrp

SRAM POWERLOCK LINK FOR 12 SPEED CHAIN QUICK CHAIN LINKS FOR FASTER MAINTENANCE Don't let yourself be frustrated by cumbersome chain pins. SRAM Powerlock links provide tool-free chain assembly, and can make trailside chain repair a snap€¦ literally. Pick up one of these 4-packs so you can use one on your current chain, and still have some spares for your pack or toolbox. This version fits all 12 speed SRAM chains. Features Chain Compatibility: SRAM ...


KMC | 1/2 Link for Chains | Silver | 1/8"


Use to create desired chain length in single-speed applications | KMC | 1/2 Link for Chains | Silver | 1/8"


Shimano | SM-Cn900 11 Speed Quick Link 11 Speed, 2 Pack

$12.99 23% off $16.99 msrp

shimano sm-cn900 11 speed quick link Adding greater versatility to their already stellar 11-speed products, Shimano introduces their new CN900 11-speed quick link. The new Shimano quick link allows for tool free removal and installation of your Shimano 11-speedchain. This makes those trail side repairs a breeze. Using genuine Shimano products means you will always get optimal performance from your drivetrain. Features Tool free removal and installation Compatible with 11-speed drivetrains ...


Shimano | XT CN-M8100 12 Speed Chain 12 Speed, 126 Links, w/Quick Link


SHIMANOXT CN-M8100 ChainThe new generation of XTIt’s here! Shimano 12-speed is here and ready to take the industry by storm! The latest incarnation of Shimano XT features Hyperglide +. Chains utilizing Hyperglide + have a seamless inward and outward shift that is faster with less shock. When shifting up or down the cassette the chain will be engaged with the next cog before it releases from the previous making for quicker more precise shifts with ...


Shimano | CN-HG601 QL 11 Speed Chain 11 Speed, 126 Links, Quick Link

$23.99 27% off $32.99 msrp

Shimano CN-HG601 QL 11 Speed ChainThe Shimano CN-HG601 QL 11 Speed Chain is a super narrow HG-X11 directional chain that offers precise shifting and improved durability thanks to SHIMANO's SIL-TEC treatment on the inner plate surfaces. It is a system engineered drivetrain component for optimal power transfer and it features an inner-plate treated with SHIMANO's ultra-low friction surface treatment “SIL-TEC” (inner plate) for that ultimate performance you seek. The Shimano ...