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Shimano | Bs79 10-Speed Bar End Shifters | Silver | 10 Speed, Double Or Triple


Shimano Dura-Ace BS79 10 Speed Bar End Shifters The bar-end shifter is a timeless staple in the cycling world. Its simple, yet precise design gives the rider exceptional drivetrain control and looks damn good too! From the retrogrouch to the time-trialist, the bar-end shifter has a place across the spectrum of cyclists worldwide. Shimano's Dura-Ace BS79 10 Speed Bar End Shifters continue Shimano's spotless reputation for manufacturing top-tier modern bar-end shifters. The BS79 shifter is ...


Shimano | Sl-R400 8-Spd Downtube Shifters | Silver | 8 Speed, Frame Braze-On


Shimano SL-R400 8-SPD Downtube Shifters Shimano SL-400 8 speed downtube shifters offer a modern shifting solution for your classic road bike. Glance at any road bike from the past and you'll likely find a set of downtube shifters in command of the drivetrain. Downtube shifters offer a simplicity and dependability that is a breath of fresh air in today's bike culture of increasingly complex mechanisms. Downtube shifter location also removes clutter from the cockpit and ...


Microshift | 10-Speed Mtn Thumb Shifters Left And Right Shifters, Shimano Mtn

$98.99 23% off $129.99 msrp

Microshift 10-SPEED MTN Thumb Shifters Micro Shift Flat Bar Shifters are just what the minimalist ordered! These low-profile thumb shifters are perfect for everything from your retro-inspired townie build to a bikepacking rig built to withstand the apocalypse. Simple operation and a classy, straightforward aesthetic are matched with efficient performance and the versatility of switching between friction or indexed shifting (for the rear shifter). The front shifter operates in a micro ...


Shimano | Sl-Bs77 9-Speed Bar End Shifters 9Sp, Works With Double/triple


Shimano SL-BS77 9-Speed Bar End Shifters Ready To Shift Whether you're building up a brand new touring bike or you're replacing your old bar-end shifters, you'll want to get the best bar-end shifters around. The Shimano SL-BS77 9-Speed Bar End Shifters are compatible with double or triple-chainring cranksets. The right shifter is friction compatible and both shifters include cables, housing, and mounts. Friction-toggle right lever FD/Shifter Compatibility: Shimano Road Double, Mountain ...


Microshift | R9 Drop Bar Shifters Black W/ | Silver | Lever, Left Drop Bar Shift Lever, Triple, Shimano Compatible | Aluminum

$70.99 7% off $76.99 msrp

Microshift R9 Drop Bar Shifters Reliable shifting Micro SHIFT’s drop bar shifters are proof that reliable shifters don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The R9 drop bar shifters are specifically compatible with Shimano road 9-speed derailleurs and feature separate discrete shifting levers for an intuitive shifting experience. External shifter cable routing paired with internal brake cable routing cleans up the cockpit while still being easily serviceable. Great ergonomics keep things comfy ...


Microshift | Bar End Shifters 2/3 X 10 Speed Shimano Road

$88.99 14% off $103.95 msrp

Microshift Bar End Shifters Microshift Bar End Shifters are versatile for lots of your bike builds, from vintage restores, to modern time trial rigs, to retro cyclocross builds. The 9-speed black and silver pair would look great on my 1980 Fuji, just saying. Microshift shifers work with Shimano and Shimano compatible drivetrains. The micro-indexed front on both these shifter options works with double or triple cranksets. The 9 speed option is indexed or friction 9 ...