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Sks | X-Blade Rear Fender | Black | 26"/27.5"


SKS X-Blade Rear Fender The SKS X-Blade Rear Fender comes in multiple sizes to accommodate whatever wheel size you're running. It mounts to your seatpost, and provides sturdy, lightweight protection from roost, water, and whatever else you romp through on your ride. You can adjust its height and angle with standard Phillip's head screwdrivers, and the clamp is compatible with a range of seatpost diameters. Features Material Plastic/ Steel Mount Seatpost, fits most standard sizes ...


Sks | 700C Raceblade Pro Xl Fender Set | Black | 25-32C


sks 700c raceblade pro xl fender set Don't let foul weather and grimy roads deter you from pedaling. Just mount up the SKS Raceblade fender set, and protect yourself from getting mud, water, and debris flung up in your face and all over your clothes. This ultimate clip-on mudguard set is for road and cyclocross bikes with tire widths between 25 and 32mm. Its smart, double hinged quick release fitting system also fits aero forks ...


Sks | Fatboard Fat Bike Fender Set Black


sks Fatboard fat bike fender set Fatbikes are perfect for pedaling through mud, water, and other messy situations. That doesn't mean you want to end up wearing all that mud and debris though. The Fatboard is the ultimate set of mudguards for fat tire bikes offering all round mud protection. The front fender is mounted easily under the downtube by high-performance straps and the rear fits to the seat post in seconds with the proven ...