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100% | Speedcraft SL Sunglasses Men's in Gloss Black/Photochromic Lens


100% Speedcraft SL SunglassesSleek, compact speedEverything you love about the classic Speedcraft glasses (minus the lens scoops), in a shorter lens design optimized for slightly smaller faces or for those who prefer a lower-profile pair of sunglasses. The Speedcraft SL shares the same high-end optics and cylindrical lens design as the Speedcraft, making the Speedcraft SL one formidable pair of eyewear. The optional HiPER lens enhances contrast and colors for improved visual clarity. The ...


100% | S2 Sunglasses in Soft Tact Black/Smoke Lens


100% S2 SunglassesHigh-Performance SunglassesThe 100% S2s are high-performing sunglasses that are equally as comfortable on your local singletrack as they are on the World Tour podium. The curved lens design of the 100% S2 provides a wide field of view and additional peripheral coverage, for clear visuals in all directions. The sleek, rimless design features venting by way of air scoops at the base of the lens, directing airflow and reducing fogging. The HYDROILO coating ...


Oakley | Feedback Sunglasses Men's in Rose Gold w/VR50 Brown Gradient Lens


Oakley Feedback SunglassesThank You For Your FeedbackWhen you're out riding the trails or riding on the pavement, you'll want to protect your eyes. Not only do sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays, they also protect your eyes from debris, water, wind, bugs, and so much more. Oakley set the bar high with their new Feedback Sunglasses. Their ultra-feminine classic teardrop shape was designed specifically for women. For the first time, they blended the beauty ...