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Smith | Wildcat Cycling Sunglasses Men's In Matte Black/sun Red Mirror


Smith Wildcat Sunglasses Get wild The Smith Wildcat Sunglasses are Smith’s partial-frame, large-coverage, high-performance sunglasses for riders of all disciplines. If you’re searching for better coverage and improved clarity with a lightweight design, the Wildcat Sunglasses are what you’re after. The famous Chroma Pop™ lens technology provides more vivid colors and enhanced visual detail, all with a 5-base cylindrical lens design and an extra-large fit for increased coverage. The Wildcat’s ...


Smith | Shift Mag Sunglasses Men's In Photochromic Clear Gray/clear


Smith Shift MAG Sunglasses Built For Speed The Smith Shift MAG sunglasses are designed to be top performers, no matter the sport or conditions. Prioritizing lightweight frames, quick lens swaps, and exceptional coverage, the Shift MAG's won't slow you down. MAG lens change technology is a magnetic closure system on the side of the glasses, designed to make you feel like a race car pit crew. This allows for lightning-quick and fuss-free lens swaps, giving ...


Smith | Attack Mag Mtb Sunglasses Men's In Photochromic Clear To Gray/lt Amber


Smith Attack MAG MTB Sunglasses Enhancing Your Vision Protection for your eyes is highly important when you're out riding. Wearing sunglasses not only reduces glare, but also provides protection from water, dirt, bugs, and more. The Smith Attack MAG MTB Sunglasses ome with Chroma Pop lenses that enhance contrast and natural color to make the details pop. It features a smudge and moisture-resistant coating for easy cleaning and clear optics. The larger, maximum coverage lens ...


Smith | Pinpoint Sunglasses In Chromapop Polarized Black


Smith Pinpoint Sunglasses Keep Your Eyes Protected Whether you're riding the trails, going for a hike, or you're running a marathon, you'll want to keep your eyes protected with sunglasses. Sunglasses don't just protect your eyes from sunlight, they also block bugs, wind, water, dirt, debris, and much more. The Smith Pinpoint Sunglasses feels as good as it looks. They are perfect for riding, running, and days around the town. They feature Chroma Pop lenses ...