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Fidlock | Bottle Twist 15Oz Water Bottle 15Oz | Smoke | Bottle and Mount Kit


Fidlock Bottle Twist 15Oz Water BottleThe Fidlock Bottle Twist offers a frame and bottle interface unlike any standard bottle and cage. Fidlock’s innovative magnetic-mechanical mounting system allows for easyplacement and removal with a simple twist of the bottle. The system does away with a conventional water bottle cage, allowing the bottle to be attached to any part of the frame. The easy mechanical nature of the bottle, combined with its clean translucent look, makes the ...


Camelbak | Podium 24oz Smoke


Camelbak Podium 24 OzKEEPING RIDERS HYDRATEDThe Camelback Podium bottle removes the problem of having to pull open, and push shut the valve on your water bottle with its bite-like Jet Valve. Camelbak's new valve self-seals to let you sip or even squirt your beverage of choice with no fear of leaks. The Garmin-Sharp pro cycling team likes the effectiveness of the CamelBak Podium bottle so much that they choose to use them in training and ...


Fidlock | Twist Bottle 590 Set Clear


Fidlock Twist Bottle 590 SetThe new TWIST bottle 590 comes in a new design and with an improved connection technology that provides a strong hold on every ride. With an ergonomic design with the rounded edges The Fidlock Twist Bottle 590 Set offers a bigger frame compatibility and makes the twisting off and snapping to the TWIST base even more intuitive. It comes with an optional dirt cover, so the mouthpiece stays clean even when ...


Fidlock | 15oz Bottle With Uni Base Smoke


FIDLOCK 15OZ BOTTLE WITH UNIVERSAL BASESMALLER FITS BETTERWater is one of the most important things you need to carry with you while you're riding. You won't get too far if you're dehydrated. The Fidlock 15oz Bottle With Universal Base is a smaller bottle that fits better in smaller frames and full-suspension bikes. It features Twist technology that uses a magnetic guide and a mechanical locking system. It stays in place safely so no more lost ...