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Specialized | Ambush MIPS ANGI Helmet Men's | Size Medium in Black

$99.95 50% off $200.00 msrp

SPECIALIZED AMBUSH MIPS HELMETAGGRESSIVE TRAIL RIDING PROTECTIONIf you're riding on a mountain bike, you should always wear a helmet to protect yourself from possible crashes. It is nearly impossible to predict when you'll crash, so it's best to always be prepared with a helmet on. The Specialized Ambush MIPS Helmet is the lightest and most ventilated extended coverage helmet available. It is also compatible with an optional ANGi crash sensor so you can add a ...


Specialized | Align II Helmet MIPS CPSC Men's | Size Small/Medium in Hyperviz/Black Reflective


Specialized Align II MIPS HelmetWallet-Friendly, Expertly-DesignedSpecialized has a knack for making some of the best accessories on the market. The Align II with MIPS is no exception, and sets a new standard for what a budget-friendly helmet can be. Whether you are a recreational rider or a seasoned enthusiast, the Align II has the features to appeal to everyone. Industry-leading MIPS technology was designed into the Align II in order to dissipate rotational forces during ...


Specialized | Echelon II Mips Road Helmet Men's | Size Small in White


SPECIALIZED ECHELON II MIPS ROAD BIKE HELMETA SLEEK AND FAST LOOKHelmets should be worn at all times when you're riding on your bike. There's no telling when you'll take a fall, so it is best to be prepared at all times with a helmet on your head. Helmets aren't just about protection though, they are a great way to add style to your kit. The Specialized Echelon II MIPS Road Bike Helmet has a sleek ...


Specialized | Airnet MIPS Helmet Men's | Size Medium in Cast Umber/Clay


SPECIALIZED AIRNET MIPSRetro-inspired design, with ultra-modern featuresTaking design cues from the original leather "hairnet" helmet style, the Specialized Airnet MIPS has a modern helmet design that is loaded with modern performance features. It has an ultra-light Mindset micro-dial fit system with height adjustability for the perfect fit. A 4th Dimension Cooling System keeps the air flowing so you remain cool. DriRelease Merino wool pads increase comfort and sweat management. The helmet ...