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Specialized | Boomslang Flat Pedals | Black | Boomslang Platform Pedal | Aluminum

$135.00 25% off $180.00 msrp

Specialized Boomslang Platform Pedals Pedals that stick to your shoes The pedal market has become incredibly competitive with hundreds of companies producing high quality pedals. In the world of flat pedals, pedals have become longer, wider, and more concave. The Specialized Boomslang pedals have all these features and several others that help them stand out from the pack. What makes the Boomslangs unique are their custom undercut pins that taper down from the top which ...


Specialized | Bennies Flat Pedals Black | Aluminum

$60.00 25% off $80.00 msrp

Specialized Bennies Platform Pedals They can handle the worst and still last forever When shopping for new flat pedals, three key features you should look for are replaceable pins, sealed bearings, and platform concavity. The Specialized Bennies have all three of these features. Twelve replaceable pins on both sides of the pedal provide incredible grip, sealed bearings offer amazing longevity and durability, and platform concavity gives your foot a proper shoe-pedal interface. The pedal ...


Specialized | Supacaz Krypto Cnc Alloy Pedal Oil Slick | Aluminum


Supacaz Krypto CNC Alloy Pedal Get ready to fly Modern mountain bikers deserve gear that can handle the most technical of trails and last countless miles. Enter Supacaz’s Krypto pedals which feature a robust CNC'd aluminum body and a CNC-machined Cro-Mo spindle, ensuring the Krypto pedals will be able to handle whatever you throw at them. With ten strategically placed pins per side you’ll never have to worry about not having enough grip when things ...


Specialized | Supacaz Smash Thermopoly Pedals Red | Composite


Supacaz Smash Thermopoly Pedals A Smash Hit Supacaz’s Smash pedals are a true testament to the fact that you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to get high quality flat pedals. Their reinforced premium thermopoly body is both lightweight and incredibly robust, and paired with the bombproof CNC-machined Cro-Mo axle ensures they’re ready to take on years of riding abuse. Strategically placed pins on each side of the pedal keep your feet ...


Specialized | Supacaz Epedal Cnc Alloy Pedal Oil Slick | Aluminum


Supacaz Epedal CNC Alloy Pedal E-Optimized Pedals Supacaz’s e Pedal’s are specifically designed for the demands of E-MTB riders and E-Bikes in general. They feature a similar pin layout to Supacaz’s downhill pedals, ensuring max grip in all conditions. 10 replaceable pins per pedal provide plenty of grip and are easy to replace when the time comes. Unlike other platform pedals, the e Pedal features a narrow profile for superior cornering clearance. With the robust ...


Time | Speciale 8 Enduro Pedals Black | Aluminum

$59.99 62% off $158.00 msrp

TIME SPECIALE 8 ENDURO PEDALSTrickle Down Technology At It’s Best Time’s Speciale 8 Enduro pedals are the more compact and affordable version of their high end Speciale 12 pedals. They feature a durable aluminum body that offers a stable pedaling platform and four adjustable and replaceable pins. With the adjustable tension clamping system you’ll be able to easily dial in and fine tune the tension to your preference. Time’s clamping system works with the ATAC ...


Shimano | Pd-Gr500 Flat Pedals Black | Aluminum


Shimano PD-GR500 Flat Pedals The Shimano PD-GR500 Flat Pedals are an affordable, multi-purpose option for anyone looking to get out and go with what you have on. Featuring height-adjustable pins, sealed cartridge bearing, and chromoly axle. This flat pedal is essentially the affordable version of the popular Saint flat pedal. No special shoe clipless pedal combos to worry about here. Get on and go, whether that's the local bike park or your commute to work. ...


Look | Trail Grip Pedal Red | Composite


Look Trail Grip Pedal Say hello to your new favorite trail pedals. The Look Trail Grip Pedals are a unique platform pedal that combines a rubber grip and molded studs for an excellent grip at the pedals, even in wet weather. Look partnered with Vibram, one of the leading manufactures in premium rubber soles on boots, and created Vibram Activ Grip inserts. These inserts are made with a special rubber compound that maintains grip in ...