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Sram Black Brake Lever


Sram | Apex 1 Shifter/brake Levers Brake Lever, Single, Left | Aluminum

$100.84 14% off $118.00 msrp

SRAM Apex 1 Brake/Shift Lever The new Apex Shifter, like every SRAM road group, features the proprietary Double Tap technology, which offers benefits such as independent “reach adjust” for both shift and brake levers. The Apex shift lever utilizes a single lever for shifting and a dedicated lever for braking. All of these mechanical features are packaged in an exceptionally light package and features no external cables to maximize aerodynamics and provide a sleek look. ...


Sram | S500 Road Brake Lever Set | Black | Alloy | Aluminum


SRAM S500 Road Brake Lever Set The SRAM S500 Road Brake Lever Set is a brake-only design lever set that is perfect for riders in need of levers to complement their single-speed build, or bar-end shifter/ downtube shifter build. The S500 features a composite body with aluminum brake lever blades and has an ergonomic design similar the higher-end SRAM Double Tap lever. Internal cable routing keeps your handlebar clean and a tunable reach adjust allows ...


Sram | Rival 1 Brake Lever | Black | Single Left

$59.99 6% off $64.00 msrp

SRAM Rival 1 Mechanical Brake Lever Whether you're building up a single speed or converting a drivetrain to a 1x system, the SRAM Rival 1 Brake Lever still has what you would expect. SRAM's Ergo Fit boasts an ergonomic design utilizing a forged aluminum lever and a textured hood. The reach adjust also helps you dial in the lever for a customized feel and control. Specifications:Weight: 260 grams Lever material: Aluminum Finish: Black Reach adjust ...


Sram | Rival Etap Axs Hydraulic Brake Lever Hood Covers | Black | Pair

$37.00 5% off $39.00 msrp

SRAM Rival e Tap AXS Hydraulic Hood Covers Refresh Your Ride Even the nicest components eventually wear out after lots of hard miles, the same is true for your lever hoods. Replacing the hood covers is a simple, inexpensive way to give your bike’s cockpit a facelift. These textured hood covers are compatible with SRAM Rival e Tap AXS hydraulic brake levers, and are SRAM original equipment, so you know you’re getting the best possible ...


Sram | Apex 1 Hydraulic Front Brake Lever Front, 950Mm, Not A Shifter - 1X Only, Post Mount

$144.94 37% off $231.00 msrp

SRAM Apex 1 Hydraulic Brake Lever Hydraulic for all. The SRAM Apex 1 Hydraulic Brake Lever is a reliable and powerful road hydraulic disc brakeset designed to be used with the company's Apex 1 Double Tap system, only on the left side of your bike. The lever features adjustable reach, it uses standard DOT brake fluid, and your purchase includes a 950mm hose to easily reach the back brake, once you pair it with your ...