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Sram | Nx Eagle 12-Speed Shifter | Black | 12 Speed, Right, Mmx Compatible


SRAM NX EAGLE 12-SPEED SHIFTERSRAM's Eagle technology has taken over the mountain bike world with their 12-speed drivetrains that provide a simplistic 1x system with an ultra-wide gear range. SRAM's Eagle has made it's way to the NX level with the SRAM NX Eagle 12-Speed Shifter. It provides easy, intuitive shifting and on-demand gear selection throughout the entire wide range Eagle cassette. It is compatible with SRAM's Matchmaker X Clamp and has a discrete handlebar ...


Sram | Nx 11 Speed Grip Shifter | Black | Rear, 11 Speed, X-Actuation

$32.99 15% off $39.00 msrp

SRAM NX Grip Shifter START NEW. START RIGHT. START WITH SRAM NX. SRAM NX Grip Shifters bring sharp, dependable shifting to the masses. It is the most affordable, fully featured grip shifter in the industry. Designed to be a part of the perfect build group for your sub-$1000 bike. The NX shifter will deliver precise and reliable shifting across the wide range of an 11-speed cassette. Whether it is for your first bike or your ...


Sram | Gx Eagle 12 Speed Grip Shifter | Black | Rear, X-Actuation


SRAM GX EAGLE 12 SPEED GRIP SHIFTERTHE RANGE TO REACH. TO REALIZE. A RANGE BEYOND LIMITATION. SRAM was founded on a product called Grip Shift, and an idea that shifting a bike should be easier, better and more intuitive. That was over three decades ago and now the new Eagle Grip Shift includes new, robust internals that make it even more durable and its shifting performance more precise. But just like the original, it is ...


Sram | 3.0 Comp 7 & 8 Speed Grip Shifters Set, 7 Speed, Sram | 1:1


SRAM 3. 0 Comp 7 & 8-Speed Grip Shifters Get a Grip Whether you're building up a fresh bike or you're replacing your old shifters, grip shifters are always a good way to go. Grip shifters are easy to use and highly reliable. The SRAM 3. 0 Comp twist shifter set is a quality set of shifters that are comfortable and easy to use. These shifters are designed to work only with SRAM derailleurs. Features ...


Sram | X.5 3X10 Shifters | Black | 3X10 Speed, Set

$51.00 5% off $54.00 msrp

SRAM X. 5 3X10 Shifters SRAM's X5 trigger shifters are precise and dependable, making them a perfect upgrade shifter that won't break the bank. SRAM is renowned for the longevity and durability of their products. This X5 shifter set is desinged for 3x10 drivetrains. Features For SRAM 3x10 drivetrains Exact Actuation technology Sold in set of Front and Rear Color: Black | Sram | X. 5 3X10 Shifters | Black | 3X10 Speed, Set


Sram | X01 Eagle 12 Speed Grip Shifter Black W/ Red | 12 Speed


SRAM X01 Eagle 12 Speed Grip Shifter Total Control It was over 30 years ago that SRAM introduced the first edition of Grip Shift on the idea that shifting a bike should be easy and intuitive. Following in that same custom is the new SRAM Eagle X01 12 speed grip shifter. Quite a bit more refined than the inaugural shifter, this one includes robust internals like Rolling Thunder needle bearings which reduce play and friction ...


Sram | Gx Eagle Axs Controller Shifter 12 Speed, Axs, Right, W/ Discrete Clamp


SRAM GX Eagle AXS Controller Shifter Simplicity and Performance If you're looking for ultimate performance on your bike, then look no further than electronic shifting. Electronic drivetrains provide a next-level performance experience. The SRAM GX Eagle AXS Controller Shifter comes with a discrete clamp and has two buttons for shifting. It is compatible with ANT+ devices, uses CR2032 batteries, and uses no wires. Features Wireless so you never need any cables Discrete clamp doesn't take ...


Sram | Aero Sl-500 Bar End Shifters 11Spd 11 Speed Front/rear Friction | Aluminum


SRAM Aero SL-500 11 Speed Bar End Shifter Set The SRAM Aero SL-500 11 Speed Bar End Shifter Set delivers exceptional performance in a bar-end style. As a long-standing option for road bike shifting, the bar-end shifter is accepted by cyclists across the cycling spectrum for its simplicity and classic style. The SL-500's Bar End's shifting blades are made from a lightweight alloy for long-wearing dependability and precise shifting performance. An optimized ergonomic shape optimizes ...