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45NRTH Dillinger 27.5" Fatbike Tire 27.5"x4.0", 60TPI, 252 Steel Studs


45NRTH DILLINGER 27.5" FATBIKE TIREFAST TRACTIONRiding in the snow can be difficult. If you have the right gear, it can become much less of a challenge. The 45NRTH Dillinger 27.5" Fatbike Tire has 252 carefully-positioned studs that allow you to ride safely on icy singletrack, while the taller side lugs offer enhanced cornering in snowy conditions. The center tread is tightly spaced for better speed.FeaturesBraced side lugs for improved corneringTubeless-ready for a smoother ride, better ...


Planet Bike Cascadia Alx 700C Fender Set Silver, 42mm Width, 35mm Width Tire Max


Planet Bike Cascadia Aluminum ALX Fender Simple, resilient and affordable, the Cascadia aluminum fenders by Planet Bike provide ultimate coverage and look modish doing so. Through its pre-intstalled all stainless steel hardware and double riveting, the Cascadia fender delivers a perfect combination of durability and lightweight. The 100mm mud flaps provide the perfect amount of coverage without being bulky, while the v-stays on the front and rear allows quick, easy and secure mounting. ...


Continental Ride Tour Wire Bead Tire 700X37C Wire Bead / Puncture Protection

$19.96 20% off $25.00 msrp

Continental Ride Tour Wire Bead TireThe Continental Tour Ride has all the features of a high quality touring tire. The Tour Ride has a tread that works on all road surfaces as well as outstanding puncture protection and high mileage performance.FeaturesRubber breaker helps protect against flatsHigh mileage rubber compoundIntended Use: Cross/ HybridTire Type: ClincherTire Bead: SteelPSI: 45- 58 PSIWeight: 835 grams | Continental Ride Tour Wire Bead Tire 700X37C Wire Bead / Puncture Protection


WTB Horizon 650B Road TCS Tire Tan, 47C, Road TCS

$53.95 10% off $59.95 msrp

WTB Horizon 650X47 Road Plus TCS Tire Rethink your definition of road! High Volume, tubeless tire set ups have taken over the dirt side of cycling and are now pretty much the norm. Why did that happen? Simply put, they make for plush and grippy ride qualities. With the WTB Horizon, now those inclined to venture on the pavement and gravel back roads, can get in on the action and begin to reap some the ...


Surly Knard Folding Tire 26" X 4.8", 120 Tpi, Folding Bead


Surly Knard Tire The Surly Knard's block tread pattern has been carefully researched, designed and tested. While it looks like a simple block pattern, the profile is shaped just slightly edgy to maximize traction on corners while keeping rolling resistance low on straightaways. The closely spaced blocks are designed to grab terrain, and the pattern works especially well when climbing, making it a great all-around tire. Please note that your frame must have adequate clearance ...


Onza Aquila 29" DH Tire 29x2.4, DHC 2ply RC245a TLR

$69.99 12% off $79.99 msrp

Onza Aquila 29" DH TireThe Choice of World Cup Champion Aaron GwinEven the pickiest of riders have a hard time putting down the Aquila. A playful downhill tire that is as tacky and robust as it is smooth and fast, this tire uses a self-damping polymer structure that was developed specifically for gravity application. With ultra-high grip on difficult and wet terrain, and a long lasting center tread that softens a bit on the side ...


45NRTH Xerxes 700C Studded Tire 700C X 30C, 33Tpi


45North Xerxes 700x30 140 Stud Tire Black ice. Scary when you're in your car. Worse when you're on your bike. Run the 45North Xerxes 700x30 140 Stud Tire, though, and your school or work bike commute will be a whole lot safer. This tire is wide enough to give you the smooth ride you want, yet narrow enough to cut through a new layer of snow. And, with 140 studs working to keep you safe, ...


45NRTH Gravdal 650B Studded Tires 650Bx38


45NRTHGravdal 650B Studded TiresWinter doesn't have to bring your bike vibes to an all-time low, 45 North offers cold weather solutions for adventuresome cyclists everywhere. Designed for riding in loose snow, the 45 North Gravdal brings traction technology to an entirely new level.Versatile and confidence inspiring, the Gravdal securely navigates through harsh winter conditions with steel carbide studs for added traction in icy conditions.45 North Vanhelga Features:Siping creates a more ...


Continental Gator Hardshell Wire Bead 700 X 32 Hardshell Duraskin, Wire Bead

$48.00 26% off $65.00 msrp

The Gator hardshell tire is for the high- mileage rider. The Durakin sidewall protection in addition to the hard shell protection, offers an extremely durable, high performing tire suited to athletic urban riding styles. Intended Use: Road Wheel Size: 700c PSI: 110-120 Tire Bead: Steel Weight: 310 grams | Continental Gator Hardshell Wire Bead 700 X 32 Hardshell Duraskin, Wire Bead