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Foundation | Master Link Pliers Master Link Pliers


Wrench it yourself with Foundation Bike Tools! From pedal wrenches to repair stands, Foundation Bike Tools offers a collection of quality tools that are essential to keeping your bike in top shape and ready for adventure. Foundation Bike Tools is here to give you an extra set of hands for basic fixes, maintenance, repairs, and installations. The home mechanic's new best friend! Foundation Master Link Pliers No, these are not cable cutters! Master link chains ...


Oneup Components | Edc Plug And Plier Kit | Green | Pliers With 5 Plug Strips


ONEUP COMPONENTS EDC PLUG AND PLIER KITThe EDC PLUG & PLIERS KIT is the perfect addition to the EDC tool system. The tire plug Jabber Tool threads directly into the EDC carrier. The new Quick Link Breaker Pliers are compatible with all 10, 11, and 12 speed quick links chains. Both new tools and bacon strips store perfectly within the EDC capsule ready for race day deployment. The complete Plug and Pliers kit fits inside ...


Park Tool | Np-6 Needle Nose Pliers 6 Inch Pliers


Park Tool NP-6 Needle Nose Pliers The Park Tool NP-6 Needle Nose Pliers feature five different crimping/ grasping areas and a cutting blade, giving you lots of options when working with cables. It is composed of forged, heat-treated Cromoly steel for great durability and strength. The NP-6 Nose pliers also feature an invisible spring and soft touch density grips for comfort. Features 6" needle nose Related Articles: CHAIN REPLACEMENT: SINGLE SPEED BIKES BOTTOM BRACKET SERVICE: ...


Pedro's | Diagonal Cutter Pliers Yellow

$29.99 6% off $31.99 msrp

Pedro's Diagonal Cutter Pliers Pedro's Diagonal Cutter Pliers feature a forged and heat-treated steel construction that promises longevity and durability for year to come. The self opening jaws are ready to cleanly slice through cables and pretty much anything that fits inside its jaws. Pedro's Diagonal Cutter Pliers Features Compact 6" (150mm) length and self-opening jaw Forged and heat-treated steel construction Ergonomic dual-density grips Pedro's Lifetime Warranty | Pedro's | Diagonal ...


Park Tool | Sp-7 Side Cutter Pliers 7 Inch Diagonal/side Cutting Pliers | Rubber


Park SP-7 Side Cutter pliers Professional quality 7" diagonal/side cutting pliers with soft touch dual density grips that sit comfortably in your hands. Made from forged, heat-treated, cro-moly steel, the SP-7 will remain durable and sharp. . Features Made of forged, heat treated, cro-moly steel for strength and durability Dual density rubber grips for comfort Related Articles: Brake cable installation: Upright bars Manufacturer's Part No: SP-7 UPC: 763477006721 | Park Tool | Sp-7 Side ...


Park Tool | Cp-1.2 Cassette Pliers Cp-1.2, 5 Speed To 12 Speed


PARKTOOL CP-1. 2 CASSETTE PLIERSFOR QUICK AND EASY CASSETTE REMOVALRiders like to remove their cassettes so they can perform a deeper cleaning on them. When you're removing your cassette, you'll need a cassette lockring remover and a chain whip or cassette pliers. The Parktool CP-1. 2 Cassette Pliers quickly grips cogs from 9 to 24 teeth with no manual adjustments. It is 13. 7" long and can be used with one hand to hold any ...


Wolf Tooth Components | 8-Bit Pliers Black


Wolf Tooth 8-Bit Pliers Having a multi-tool you can trust is a huge relief when working on your bike. The Wolf Tooth 8-Bit Pliers is a high-quality multi-tool that features six double-sided magnetic bits as well as a valve core wrench and a rasp for clearing valve stems. At one end of the multi-tool there are pliers for removing master links and at the other end there is a magnetic, multi-angle swivel head. All eight ...


Feedback Sports | Cassette Pliers 1 To 12 Speed Compatible


Feedback Sports Cassette Pliers Use the Feedback Sports Cassette Pliers next time you need to swap out your cassette. It's self-adjusting for a quick and easy fit. They're made from forged steel for great durability and quality for years to come. Features Self-adjusting for quick fit Compatible with multi-gear cassettes: 1 to 12 speed File tread grip | Feedback Sports | Cassette Pliers 1 To 12 Speed Compatible


Pedro's | Needle Nose Pliers Yellow

$29.99 6% off $31.99 msrp

Pedro's Needle Nose Pliers Pedro's Needle Nose Pliers feature self-opening cutting jaws, and ergonomic dual density grips for added comfort. They are heat-treated and forged for added durability and strength for the years to come. Pedro's Needle Nose Pliers are a great addition for any bike mechanic's tool box. Pedro's Needle Nose Pliers Features Compact 6" (150mm) length and self-opening jaw Forged and heat-treated steel construction Ergonomic dual-density grips Pedro's Lifetime Warranty | ...