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Surly | Terminal Handlebar | Black | 31.8, 40Mm Rise | Aluminum


Surly Terminal Handlebar Surly designed the Terminal Handlebar to be a hybrid between the Open Bar and the Moloko Bar. The Terminal is perfect for long, rough rides on rocky roads and gnarly single-track. It features comfortable cruiser style dimensions backed by rough and durable construction. The versatile swept-back design means you’ll remain comfortable through even the longest days in the saddle. The Terminal Handlebars are available with 40mm rise in either an anodized black ...


Surly | Moloko Handlebar | Black | 31.8Mm, 735Mm Wide | Steel


Surly Moloko Handlebar Variety is the spice of life As in life, cycling is full of twists and turns, ups and downs, and everything in between. Every bend of the Moloko Bar is meant to deal with the ever changing circumstances of a long distance trek. It offers a multitude of hand positions to keep you comfortable and in control over the course of a long day riding over varied terrain. It also has plenty ...


Surly | Truck Stop Drop Handlebar | Black | 42Cm, 31.8, Aluminum


Surly Truck Stop Drop Handlebar Keep on Truckin’Featuring a lightweight aluminum construction, the Surly Truck Stop Drop Handlebar is ready for whichever type of riding you want to get into. The bar offers multiple hand positions and 30mm of rise which will put you in a nice comfortable upright position. The three different width options will give all riders an option that is comfortable for their shoulder width. Features30mm of rise is great for tall ...


Surly | Sunrise Handlebar | Black | 820Mm Wide, 22.2Mm W/ 31.8Mm Shim | Steel


Surly Sunrise Handlebar What ever happened to 70’s style riser bars and dirt jumping your Stingray while your bell bottoms flare up and your mustache ruffles in the wind? We don’t know… But if you, like the guys at Surly, are yearning for a simpler time when bike riding was more fun and less aggressive, you might just enjoy their Sunrise handlebars. With a moto-style crossbar and 83mm of rise, these are the old school ...


Surly | Cheater Handlebar | Black | 780Mm | Steel


Surly Cheater Handlebar The Surly Cheater Handlebar is Surly's standard sweep mountain bar, in specs like you'd expect: Cromo steel construction, fits 31. 8mm stems, no rise, and an 11 degree sweep. Say it again, it's Chromo, flat and 11 degrees. Moto. It's like this because it works, it's a Surly bar. Surly Cheater Handlebar Specifications: Material: Cromoly steel Clamp diameter: 31. 8mm Width: 780mm Rise: 0mm Sweep Angle: 11 degrees Color: Clear Coat Silver ...


Surly | Open Bar Handlebar | Black | Zero Rise | Steel


Surly Open Bar Handlebar The Open bar is an upright bar but not an uptight bar. It's equally suited to cruising, commuting, and singletrack. Categories are for suckers. The angle makes it comfy for wrists. The width enables loads of control. It's got plenty of room for grips, shifters and brake levers. Knurled clamp area. 4130 Cro Moly steel. Available in low rise and no rise versions. Specifications Backsweep: 53 degree Bar Clamp Diameter: 25. ...