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Enve MTB Carbon 29" Fork Carbon, Tapered Steerer, 15mm Axle


ENVE MTB Carbon 29" Fork A man by the name of Albert Einstein once said "If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself." It's safe to say that ENVE designed their MTB Carbon Fork so that if you had to, you'd be able explain it to a six year old. Knowing that sometimes the best tool for the job is the simplest one, the MTB Carbon Fork employs ...


Salsa Cro Moto Grande 29" Fork Black, 15X100mm, Maxle Incuded, Tapered


Salsa Cro Moto Grande 29" ForkBraapClassic styles can die hard, and for that, we're thankful. New trends and sleek designs are great, but a classic, stiff, chromoly fork provides an excellent ride. The steel feel is ideal, as they say. Ok, fine they don't say that. But it's true. Enjoy this fork on your 29er and pedal around with the responsive, yet forgiving handling unique to rigid steel forks. It includes fender eyelets and ISO ...


WHISKY No.9 MTN Fork - 29" Boost Matte Black, Post Mount, 15X110mm, 1.5" Tapered, Carbon


WHISKY NO.9 MOUNTAIN FORK - 29" BOOSTNO SUSPENSION HERESuspension forks don't get to have all the fun. Rigid forks are fun too and work better for certain situations. The Whisky No.9 Mountain Fork is for carving XC courses, going the distance on gravel roads, or roaming along bikepacking routes. It is made of full unidirectional carbon fiber and is paired with a tapered steerer tube and thru-axle dropouts that deliver reliable strength and predictable steering.FEATURESLighter ...


Whisky No. 9 Disc Cyclocross Fork Matte Black, 15X100mm, 1.5" Tapered, Post Mount, Carbon


WHISKY NO.9 DISC CYCLOCROSS FORKThe Whisky No.9 cyclocross fork is versatile with it's optional fender mounts that make it the perfect option for wet weather riding. It features 15mm thru axle drop outs for extra strength with predictable steering and a tapered steer tube. The fork has clearance for up to a 700c x 41mm tire and will even fit up to a 650b x 52mm tire. It comes with a custom Rockshox Maxle Lite ...


Enve Road Disc Fork Black, 1 1/4" Tapered, 43 Rake Thru Axle, Carbon


ENVE ROAD DISC FORKRoad cycling has evolved over the years and our preferences have shifted from rim brakes and low volume tires to disc brakes and high volume tires. As such, is the need to create a fork that matched these preferences while maintaining the premium ride quality ENVE forks are known for.Building upon nearly a decade of experience making the world’s best forks, ENVE's latest road disc fork features a modern 32mm of tire ...


WHISKY No.9 MTN Fork - 29" Non-Boost Matte Black, Post Mount, 15X100mm, 1.5" Tapered, Carbon


WHISKY NO.9 MOUNTAIN FORKMAKE YOUR SUSPENSION FORK JEALOUSBelieve it or not, riding a mountain bike with rigid suspension is actually fun. With the capabilty to run up to either a 29"x3.0" or 27.5"x3.25" tire, the No.9 Mountain Fork will breathe new life into any rigid mountain or plus sized bike. The unidirectional carbon construction makes the fork both lightweight and durable and with the 15 x 100mm thru-axle, the steering will be predictable.FEATURESUnidirectional carbon construction ...


Enve Road 2.0 Disc Carbon Fork Carbon, Tapered, 43mm Rake

$487.80 10% off $542.00 msrp

ENVE Road 2.0 Disc Carbon Fork ENVE (formerly Edge Composites - new name, same premium quality carbon) proves you can have both lightweight and strength in a bar that holds its own to the tantrums of the trail. If you're looking for the absolute in performance from your handlebars, the Enve Road 2.0 Disc Carbon Fork is worth a glance or even several glances. The fork by which all others are judged The Road 2.0 ...


Marzocchi Bomber Z1 29 2019 Black, 160mm, 15X110 QR, Tapered, 51mm


Marzocchi Bomber Z1 29 2019A Lengend ReturnsThe Z1 returns and is better than ever. The original Z1 sparked the freeride revolution with its long travel and ultra-plush action, it unapologetically prioritized grip and ride quality over just about everything else. The return of Z1 brings back these same priorities in a 36mm chassis with a super plush air spring and proven FIT GRIP damper. The EVOL air spring increases negative air spring volume to provide ...