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Finish Line | Teflon-Plus Lube - 32 Oz 32Oz


This dry lube from Finish Line goes on wet then dries so it wont attract dirt. It is best in dry conditions because water wears it quickly. For best results apply the night before your ride so it can set completely. SHIPPING RESTRICTION This item is classified "ORM-D" and cannot be shipped via air. It can only be shipped via ground shipping methods. If you add this item to your cart, the list of available ...


Finish Line | Dry Lube 2 Ounce


Finish Line's Dry Lube goes on wet, but then sets up in a dry 'paste like' film that resists dirt and grime. Great to use in dry dusty rides, but also resists water and can be used year round. The Teflon fluoropolymer and specialized synthetic oils keep your drivetrain running quiet and smooth. Use on derailleurs, brake and shifter pivots. SHIPPING RESTRICTION This item is classified “ORM-D” and cannot be shipped via air. It can only ...


Rockshox | Rear Shock Seal Lube Parker O-Lube, 2G


ROCKSHOX REAR SHOCK SEAL LUBEPARKER O-LUBEMoving parts on your bike need some form of lubricant in order to function properly. Whether it's grease or a Teflon lube, you should apply only to moving parts. The RockShox Rear Shock Seal Lube is designed to lubricate rear air shock seals. It comes in a 2g packet. Refer to the RockShox technical manuals and service videos for correct applications. FeaturesLubricant for rear air shock sealsComes in a 2g ...


Finish Line | Stanchion Fluoro Oil .52 Fl Oz Stanchion Lube


Finish Line Stanchion Fluoro Oil Sticky stanchions are stinky stanchions and can lead to some poor suspension performance. Keep your suspension parts properly lubricated and clean with some Finish Line Stanchion Fluoro Oil. This product can also be used on shift or brake cables as well as pivot points. Features Perfect for fork stanchions, and also cables and pivots Pure Fluorinated PFPAE Oil DuPont's Teflon in an oil state Rejuvenates rubber seals and wipers on ...


Tri-Flow | Superior 2oz Lube 2 oz, Drip


Tri Flow Superior 2 Oz. LubeA bit of Tri Flow here and there can make all the difference. A dab in the cable housing, a squirt on the pedals, and a spot on the deraileur pulley are just a few places this lube will work wonders. This 2 oz. drip bottle of conventional lubricant from Tri-Flow has Teflon additives to keep things running smooth. FeaturesTeflon Additives for long lasing lubricationSHIPPING RESTRICTION This item is classified ...


Finish Line | Aerosol Dry Lube 17 Ounce


Finish Line Aerosol Dry LubeThe Finish Line Aerosol Dry Lube is wet when applied and then transforms into a dry, wax-like film. Many riders prefer dry lubes because they do not attract grit and grime as wet lubes do. Dry lubes are optimal for dry, dirty, and dusty environments. Teflon and synthetic oils run smooth and provide longevity and moisture resistance. Just because it’s called a “dry” lube, doesn’t mean it can’t be used in ...