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Tektro | Draco/ Auriga Disc Brake Pads Metal, Ceramic

$11.11 14% off $12.99 msrp

Tektro Draco/Auriga Disc Brake Pads The Tektro Draco/ Auriga Comp replacement pads are highly-engineered pads that are designed to provide exceptional braking modulation, impressive power, and reduced noise. The resin-based compound features less noise than its metallic counterpart, and increased modulation and braking control. These pads are compatible with many models of Tektro 2-piston brake calipers (see complete list below) and are easily installed to get you back out on the road or ...


Tektro | Lyra Disc Brake Pads Disc, With Springs


Tektro disc brake pads Designed to fit the Tektro Lyra Spring is included Compound: Metal Ceramic | Tektro | Lyra Disc Brake Pads Disc, With Springs


Galfer | 1652 Shimano E-Bike Brake Pads Shimano Xtr (2011-18), Xt (2014-), M9020/8100/988/985/980/785/675 Etc


Galfer 1652 Shimano E-Bike Brake Pads Optimized for E-Bikes Optimize your Shimano or TRP/Tektro brakes for E-MTB riding with Galfer’s E-Bike pads. They feature an E-Bike specific compound designed to manage heat even on long and steep descents, and take into account the increased weight associated with E-Bikes for more stopping power and control, even at higher speeds. Take your Shimano brakes up a notch and dial them in for demanding E-MTB riding with Galfer’s ...


Trp | 4-Piston Performance Resin Pads Resin 4 Piston Pad


TRP 4-Piston Performance Resin Pads Increased Heat Stability When it comes to your hydraulic disc brakes, you should be replacing the pads when they begin to wear out. The TRP 4-Piston Performance Resin Pads are made with a performance resin compound that provides increased heat stability, a shorter bed-in process, and a lighter lever feel. It is designed to fit all TRP 4-piston calipers and Tektro Orion 4-piston calipers. Features Increases power transfer with a ...